An empty corridor in the South China Mall (previously the New South China Mall) in 2010, one of the symptoms of the Chinese property bubble. A local billionaire built it, and they did not come. February 23, 2011. Location, Location, Location. So what went wrong? Constructed smack in the middle of the Pearl River Delta between Shenzhen and Guangzhou, about 4 million people live within … South China Mall (Chinese: 华南Mall; pinyin: Huá nán) in Dongguan, China (formerly New South China Mall) is the second largest shopping mall in the world when measured in terms of gross leasable area, and second in terms of total area to The Dubai Mall (which has extensive non-shopping space including a zoo, a hotel complex and a theme park). Author: David290. Then it became a monument to China’s pedal to the metal, overzealous development that has produced seas of unneeded, empty buildings and underused infrastructure throughout the country. However, a mistake made in the planning phase relating to the choice of location possibly doomed the mall to failure even before the first foundation was laid. The shopping center consists of five floors, and $1.3 billion was initially allocated for its construction. The New South China Mall in Dongguan, China is the biggest in the world. China littered with"ghost towns," empty commercial spaces built in speculative boom They built it, but the shoppers didn't come. New South China Mall: The Empty Temple of Consumerism. The mall was mostly vacant for a decade from its opening, but as of February 2018, is almost at full occupancy. New South China Mall in Guangdong Province opened in 2005. But now this mall has become a monument to China’s incredible … The only problem with the New South China Mall is that it’s almost completely empty and unused. Empty section of New South China Mall. The South China Mall was the most ambitious and largest retail space every conceived in China, if not the world, when it opened in 2005. At first, the New South China Mall was a monument to China’s new consumer culture and position as a rising power in the world. The Emporis’ report also refers to it as a “dead mall” and, according to a CNN Japan report, the escalators are covered in tarps and the passages are dusty and lined with shutters.

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