Overall, Deema believes that while there has been a western influence on Emirati youth, the young men and women in the UAE have managed to maintain a balance between their cultural identity and the values of a world that is experiencing globalisation. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a diverse society. It is not about over socializing it is about being normal,” he said. 11 Traditional Emirati Customs All Visitors Should Know About Greetings. If it does not then it can have a positive outcome on your way of living.”, 'Different cultures must exist in harmony'. I think back to Shanghai, and the top deck of the tour boat on the Huangpu River. You must first think if these modern values go against the way you were brought up or not. “I think the right track is following the basics of religion and not doing anything or going anywhere that could go against those values.”. Al Hajari said sometimes implementing these values can be challenging. Rice was not originally a part of the traditional food of UAE. “Be nice and merciful to others and god will be merciful to you.”. 'The most precious of things': Sheikh Zayed and the road to the union, Tyson 'happy with a draw' after making boxing return against Jones Jr, How the UAE will help distribute Covid-19 vaccines worldwide, Generation Start-up: Foodics helps restaurant owners who have a lot on their plate, Abu Dhabi named in the top 10 best cities for expats. I took a breath and tried to explain to him that by the very nature of the indigenous people of the lower Gulf, there would be very little, or nothing, of our culture or history that would be visible. Although he said he is deeply connected with his culture, Al Qazmi admits that modern values have been positively integrated with his traditions. Of course, English is important because it’s a lingua franca and we need it to communicate with people from other cultures in university and work, but the Arabic language is getting affected and I don’t want to see it die.”. All rights reserved. Hospitality is another Emirati value that Al Shaikh said is shared among all his people. Al Shaikh believes youth are drawn to some modern values because they are more updated in this changing world. “These values stem from Islam, I believe that they help us remain in the right track, most of the time I see them as red lines that remind us of how we are supposed to behave as opposed to restrictions.”. Dressing modestly, reputation, being family-oriented, obedience and respect are among the values strongly instilled by her parents. “In the past there was a lot of segregation. “The important thing is to maintain our culture and adapt it to modernisation but not change it,” she explained. We’ll send you latest news updates through the day. The nature of the Bedouin is to travel with as few possessions as they could possibly carry. “Traditions should not be tampered with because they have been inherited from our grandparents and great grandparents- but they do need to improve in order to adjust with the world.” Wearing his kandoora at least twice a week, the university student said speaking in English and wearing jeans will never change his true beliefs and Emirati identity. The 18-year-old supports the culture’s development, pointing out that a balance between modern life and traditions is the key to keeping one’s identity. Other traditions such as respecting family members, especially the elderly, have also created a set of rules on how to behave and interact with others in the society. Privacy Policy. AAhmad Bin Al Shaikh, 24, believes that hospitality, reputation, family, maintaining close relationships with the Emirati community and having mothers or sisters choose a wife are among the traditions and values his family encourages. “Because our culture is also evolving, we can’t be following the exact same traditions that were once followed by our grandparents years and years ago. This section is about Living in UAE and essential information you cannot live without. “Yes I wear the kandoura sometimes, but I also wear track suits and jeans and that’s not where the problem lies. She said that the modern values that she lives by include being independent, and being able to drive on her own without a chaperone. “My parents always insist that I maintain good relationships with Emirati families in my community by attending social gatherings with my father. In the midst of the infusion of cultures taking place in the UAE society, Nadia is a perfect example of a blend of tradition and the modern. © Al Nisr Publishing LLC 2020. 'Women should always carry themselves with dignity'. Like all echo chambers, the impression that it’s a lovely ­country, but sadly there isn’t much culture is repeated at cocktail parties, where expats try to convince themselves that their presence in the Gulf is a huge personal ­sacrifice, and that for all the wonderful advantages of living here, they carry their cross stoically. While traditions might be going head to head with the modern ‘westernised’ lifestyle in UAE, the real question remains:  Has there been a shift of values among Emirati youth? “You can see that balance in the buildings that are standing in this country- they are really modern, but they have an element of Arab heritage in their designs.”, 'Culture and traditions must be preserved'. “I believe that traditions only stop if people are following something harmful. Our culture isn’t to be seen in buildings or items of art. They are really modern, but they have an element of Arab heritage in their designs.”, The 18 year old supports the culture’s development, pointing out that a balance between modern life and traditions is key to keeping ones identity. https://www.commisceo-global.com/resources/country-guides/uae-guide “For example, at home we have to speak Arabic when we are spoken to in Arabic and we can reply in English if are addressed in English, but we can’t mix both languages.”. However he believes that other modern values have entered the scene and exist in harmony with traditional values. “Religion plays a major role in Emirati traditions, because most practices of culture are based on religious values.” Deema said that if people are drifting away from Emirati traditions such as dress code and family structure, then they are moving away from some religious teachings. Seafood is mostly fish while mutton and lamb are the more common meats. This website stores cookies on your computer. Listing male and female interaction as one aspect that has developed among Emiratis, Omar believes that language is a factor that should be preserved across time. Al Hajari said that to be successful in the UAE work enviroment one should be proficient in the Arabic language and preserve the national identity. Aware that western aspects such as music and TV shows are very popular among Emirati youth, Deema believes a person can adopt modern values and yet remain an Arab at heart. They agreed that a balance between both traditional and modern values and practices is a good way to preserve their national identity and at the same time  integrate with the multicultural society of the UAE. They might bemoan a lack of music houses, without spending an evening watching Arabs listening to poetry with tears in their eyes whenever they hear a poet elevating language to an art form. Ahmad Ebrahim Al Muhessin: Traditional values play a key role in defining a person’s identity, 21- year old Ahmad Ebrahim Al Muhessin told Gulf News. ­Anything that wasn’t useful for survival was an unnecessary burden and had no place in their belongings.

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