She'll also get essential practice with algebraic expressions, which will help her later on as she progresses to more complicated equations. The ideas of equality, expressions, and evaluation are vital concepts when working with equations. Different expressions are featured, each with a variable included. The value of a function , given the value(s) assigned to its argument (s), is the quantity assumed by the function for these argument values. Can she find the value of the expression? Use the given values to solve the expressions with variables. CEILING(expression) Rounds the value up to the nearest integer. An equation is a mathematical statement that tells you that two things have the same value — in other words, it’s a statement with an equal sign. ABS(expression) Returns the absolute (non-negative) value of the expression. The value of a mathematical expression is the result of the computation described by this expression when the variables and constants in it are assigned values. As she plugs in numbers to solve the problems, she'll strengthen her understanding of variables. FLOOR(expression) Rounds the value down to the nearest integer. ROUND(expression,precision) Rounds a value to a certain number of digits, uses the current rounding mode; helpful with formatting numbers.

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