Saheeli clones Bauble and the Karnstruct, and she’s limited to two clones a game, and that seems pretty average. This build also runs the risk of clunking out. Also not sure if you’d go for a storm win con or just try to turbo out the thopter sword infinite, which is good on its own. No matter how thoroughly Urza’s hand has been shredded, or how many threats have been countered, so long as a single Urza is left in the deck, you can just lose. He’s a body that makes another body, and he also generates a ton of mana for his secondary ability/your other cards. Sitting back will not win the game. They need many colors but primarily play Island and thus need to aggressively fetch to hit their color requirements. What form it will actually take is unclear. However, it isn’t clear whether Oko or Whirza is the way forward. I always side one out against aggressive decks. ), which means is ready to churn out bodies again. I think my list is far from optimized, and could use some consistency boosts and potentially some sideboard revamps, but it feels good so far. A single Foundry as additional token generation leaves no wiggle room should something go wrong. Without Mirrodin Besieged, there is no instant win. In a flip of the script, I’m not sure this deck does anything without Oko, to the point I’d target him over Urza. Have both in play, tap the Sword of the Meek to make a blue mana with Urza, spend it to make a Thopter with Thopter foundry saccing Sword of the Meek. And there’s no room for Thopter-Sword. Ascendancy is a more pure combo deck than the other versions, and is thus far less vulnerable to being disrupted or raced. At time of writing, the greatest strength is that this deck is new. The lynchpin is Urza, Lord High Artificer. It has the means to generate a massive board with Sai and Saheeli like the other versions, but Ascendancy plays fewer copies of those threats, making it harder to pull off. was recently unbanned in Modern alongside (which we covered yesterday! Upvote 0. Turn one Emry followed by turn two Ascendancy is a seriously fast kill, and more reliable than Neobrand thanks to the Moxen. Like Twin, Urza presents a turn four-ish win based on a four-mana spell. There may even be other versions to come. Even with Saheeli, Sublime Artificer and Sai, Master Thopterist to make the air useful, it all looks too slow and empty to be a force in Modern. You could consider playing something like hope of ghirapur to make sure you can combo off without disruption, and it’s a cheap artifact that turns on your moxen and can be fetched by whir. Karn, the Great Creator - (G) (SF) (txt)Mycosynth Lattice - (G) (SF) (txt)[[cardname]] or [[cardname|SET]] to call. I don’t think this deck has special strengths or better matchups than the other versions. Thus, it is more vulnerable to disruption than other versions. With Urza out it gets even crazier too. It’s more of a win-more card against fair decks, and I feel like the deck is favored against fair decks anyway. I won’t begrudge using Surgical if there’s nothing better available, but it will leave players wanting as a primary plan. It has alternative routes to victory that are cheaper, but the main threat of the deck costs four and is sorcery-speed. Thus, it is highly effective to just target Urza, Lord High Artificer and let the deck fall apart on its own. You can sac Torpor Orb to Thopter foundry before going off. Win Cons The additions of Goblin Engineer and Urza, Lord High Artificer reinvigorated the deck. Pure control isn’t doing so well because Urza plays counters, Teferi, Time Raveler, and sometimes Veil of Summer out of the sideboard, negating counterspell walls; control lacks the early clock necessary to lay the smack down while Urza is kept off its win conditions. can win the game on the following turn but you have assembled the combo, you go off and Time Sieve is the last card exiled, you would lose the game.Also Torpor Orb on the sideboard is a nonbo. The problems of actually pulling off the included combo appear to have turned players off this pure combo version, and it has dropped off recently. Urza is also an inherently powerful card, especially with Grinding Station, and it’s hard to convince me to leave him out of an artifact deck in Modern. Data is tracked in the Top Decks page, which you can browse for more details. Today we’ll examining how to fight Urza, starting with the overall archetype and then looking at specific tactics against the various versions. This deck is really good against fair and interactive decks, so if you’re looking for ways to modify this deck, I’d recommend adding elements that combat aggressive and linear unfair decks. Additionally, it attacks from a weird angle and doesn’t feel like a typical Modern deck. Im probably going with 3 urza, 2 tezz, 3/2 thoptersword and maybe a sai/saheeli or two. Combo Urza is a fun mana sink and keeps things interesting thanks to his Temporal Aperture like effect. it's cut by almost half, and the deck feels almost completely control based with mill as attriction for the win condition. This way, you could start whirring on turn 2, ideally. The Thopter-Sword combo is better here than in any other shell, but that’s not really saying much. Having additional tutors is a solid Game 1 plan, but Game 2, Engineer is unlikely to pan out; opponents will specifically target the graveyard, which doubly hurts, as Whirza depends on its tutors more than other versions. Urza's Combo Modern Daddyshere. However, since its cards are lackluster on their own, it doesn’t have any truly great matchups either. This decks is also less vulnerable to graveyard hate than the other versions.

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