Supplemental Essay Form. Supplemental Essay also due on Nov. 30? Overall applications increased by 0.8% over last year (2023 to 2024) from 87,353 to 88,026. This is a snapshot of the admitted freshman class for fall 2019. Please be cautious in drawing conclusions from this information. Q: Is there a minimum GPA required to apply? If you received a D+ or lower in a prerequisite the course must be repeated until you receive at least a C-. admissions decisions will be announced in February or March. candidates who are asked to interview will sign up for a 20- minute time slot to interview with a faculty member, alumni, or staff via Skype. A: Admissions through the M.E.T. provides you with opportunities, including industry mentoring and access to Berkeley’s Career Center and extensive alumni networks, to pursue hands-on, real-world experience with technology management and entrepreneurship. After submitting your UC application, students will receive an email with a link to the M.E.T. students have a designated housing facility? M.E.T. Q: Can I select a different fallback major option outside of Engineering in College of Engineering? Interviews are by invitation only, and if selected you will receive an invitation by late January. program through the Continuing Admissions process launching in 2021. students to integrate the engineering and business curriculum plans and provide M.E.T. Q: Can I switch engineering majors during the application process or after admitted to the M.E.T. However, if an applicant does not receive an interview invitation it does not indicate they are no longer being considered for admission to the M.E.T. The M.E.T. Q: I applied to M.E.T. A: Housing and priority registration are only available to M.E.T. A: Graduates of the M.E.T. program earn two full, unabridged undergraduate degrees—a B.S. program you cannot change your engineering major. Q: When will students accepted to M.E.T. Interview invitations are sent on a rolling basis through January. Haas and Engineering require that students graduate during the class year they are admitted for. students with professional development, internship opportunities, company excursions and other experiences that allow for real-world learning. A: No, students who have been accepted to the College of Engineering and interviewed for M.E.T. Q: I am currently a second year student in COE majoring in one of the M.E.T. Program. Waitlist status does not impact your candidacy. program is small and selective, enrolling students with exceptional academic records and a demonstrated interest in combining engineering and business. A: The first year M.E.T. is demanding, calling for motivation and a clear sense of direction. M.E.T. A: The M.E.T. A: Freshman applicants who are not accepted to the M.E.T. do not need to accept their spot on the waitlist. A: A minimum UC G.P.A. No, applicants cannot select M.E.T. While internships are not a degree requirement, we have designed the M.E.T. You can begin working on the supplemental essay now. program. program, am I still eligible for other majors at Berkeley? To learn more, visit Q: Is the M.E.T. Overall admit rate: 16.4 % GPA and test scores of middle 25%-75% students: High School GPA: 4.15 - 4.30: ACT Composite Score: 30 - 35: A: This is dependent upon how many exam credits and/or college coursework the admit enters with. The deadline to submit your supplemental essay form is December 16, 2020. Q: Is the M.E.T. Special Topics course cannot be taken until the fall semester of third year for admitted continuing students. Program. Applicants: 87,393. Q: My question wasn’t answered. Admits: 14,336. Q: Is there a benefit to applying for housing early? of 3.0 is required. Assignment preferences are not given based on when applications are received, as long as they’re submitted by the deadline. housing benefit does not guarantee that you will receive your top choice(s) in housing preference. The Class of 2024 was one of the most challenging years to be admitted to University of California, Berkeley ever. Q: As an M.E.T. M.E.T. A: No, once you’ve submitted your continuing UC Berkeley student application to the M.E.T. A: No, M.E.T. students are guaranteed placement in a University Residence for their freshman year as long as the Housing Office application, payment and acceptance offer deadlines are met.

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