You feel it still God will give you an answer; Time Stands still, you're not alone Ecclesiastes 8:6 / Romans 8:24-25 Whether you fall in love in 2012 or your great-great grandfather was falling in love in 1912, time stands still. So, don't force anything, and just enjoy each other. The title of the LP is Time for Tyner. Ed, Your email address will not be published. Don’t let another week go by. I love the story about your Dad. That whole repertory is my favorite outside of the classical world, where I mainly work. You want a good person. You will, too. Why not get the guidance you need to help you really play the piano (or keyboard)? Our personalized piano lessons are always focused on helping you learn to play the music you love! If you are close to our Natick Piano Studio location, you can take lessons from one of our Natick instructors. I can't say my parents never taught me anything. My dad fell for my mom, but she wasn't having it. Eternity will be like that, one moment like a thousand years and a thousand years like one moment. Find out all about how easy it is for you to get started. My father was doing his part-time accounting work in the same room. What a marvelous feeling it is to meet someone and fall in love! But my mom is a smart, strong woman. The waltz has always been associated with romance, and as you probably know by now I prefer to make a jazz waltz out of almost every piece in 3/4 time in addition to converting many others. In my “classical” i.e. But, you'd never know what my parents have to deal with on a daily basis, thanks to their friendly faces. Thanks for including my version of the song! Always delighted to include mention/links to your work. There will always be bills to pay, stupid people to deal with and 80-hour work weeks to get through. These are the things I've learned: My parents act like they're best friends. Are you thinking to yourself that you have too much to do, too little time or too many distractions? Jean. They were in the same restaurant, side by side. It's not a hard concept. They know all of each other's strengths and weaknesses, and they have become an unstoppable team. I can't imagine that working in today's world. I think I wore out that record. Usually, they're 90-mph-plus curveballs to the face. Ed, Hi Ed: Your blog was so great. People reach their breaking points. Since this tune has been on my mind ever since I started planning to feature I Didn’t Know What Time It Was, I decided to look up the words. My father passed away last month after a 2 week illness at age 92, so he was on y mind a lot. They both knew what they were getting into, and they miraculously still chose each other. If you live in or near Hudson, Stow, Bolton, Northborough, Marlborough, Harvard, Berlin, Clinton, Lancaster or Shrewsbury, you are just minutes away from our centrally located Hudson Piano Studio location. Interestingly enough, one of the tracks on my Rhapsody Music playlist is from an album that came out around the same time that the Chicago song became a hit. They make fun of each other and laugh. I don't think either would have made it through without the other. Then, they moved back to Massachusetts because it felt like the right thing to do. But when he met my mom, he broke up with the girl and pursued a long-distance relationship with my mom. And whether play or sing I Didn’t Know What Time It Was as a jazz waltz, a Bossa nova, a ballad or a swing tune, its message is timeless and its music is terrific! In either case, you’ll find that the Mascari Piano Studios’ approach to teaching will provide you with the encouragement and patience you’ll need to help you enjoy the learning process either as a parent or as an adult student. By Stacey Politis. Whether you fall in love in 2012 or your great-great grandfather was falling in love in 1912, time stands still. There is an incredible performance by Berverly Sills on YouTube of the latter, which I try to get my voice students and choir members, to see how to sing a song beautifully without any histrionics or gimmicks. Keeping this in mind, it certainly seems like the message of love described in , has a piano parallel which is absolutely apropos. All the best to you in your professional and personal life. In addition to the walk down musical “Memory Lane”, the image of your dad sitting on the bench in Scarsdale village was so right on. We had lunch at that corner cafe and had some laughs…it was great. The guy can't always be tough and fix things, and the girl can't always sit back and look pretty. Don't ever change who you are for someone. I love the story you told about your dad. Speaking of Latin rhythm arrangements, one of my classmates from New England Conservatory (now a professor at Berklee College of Music), jazz vocalist Kris Adams offers yet another wonderful upbeat version of this great standard on her CD called This Thing Called Love. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. It was more of a “protest song” or At least a comment on the turbulent times we experienced in the late 1960s. Everything they did, they did it together. Now is the time to act! The type of love described in this wonderful standard is really timeless. Now that you mention it, I remember that my Dad told me how he ran into you and you two enjoyed lunch at the cafe. The music combined the talents of pianist McCoy Tyner with vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson. When I was growing up in Ardsley, my brother and I used to rehearse with our rock/pop & later jazz groups in our family room. laying on a beach in Cancun, my dad enjoyed people so much that he would sit out in the sun in front of the local post office. What a different era these lyrics describe. I've grown up living with and seeing true love firsthand, so I know it exists. My parents were so young when they met each other and got married. His marvelous Bossa nova arrangement reflects his heritage as a native of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. So needless to say, when you listen to my recording in the audio player on the right you’ll hear the optimistic, joyful, upbeat and lighthearted treatment that I gave to a song that that has become one of my favorites. It sure is interesting that time is such a concern to everyone these days. Times get tough. They don't act lovey-dovey because the honeymoon ended a long time ago, but you can still see how happy they are when they're with each other. Another track that caught my attention features the vocal talents of Jon Lucien. It doesn't matter if you met on Tinder or you're Beyoncé and Jay Z. How about you? Don't ever say something you can't take back just because you're mad about something that can be resolved in less than five seconds.

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