This is different from English, so you’ll need to get used to saying the time before the place. 8) Beyond reducing/eliminating ambiguity, you actually do have a fair amount of freedom. Most grammar texts describe this part of the declarative sentence as containing the categories of "time - manner - place" and require them to appear in that order. Generally speaking, German sentences follow the rule of TIME-MANNER-PLACE. Watch what happens to … Time elements occur before manner elements (how you do something, e.g. Secondly we can place the time phrase at the beginning of the sentence. We mentioned above the idea of the verb being the second idea in a standard German sentence. If we now put a time phrase at the beginning of a sentence, the verb must still be the second idea. 7) As will be explained below, prepositional phrases and adverbs follow the "Time, Manner, Place" format. Time Manner Place for German for Beginners. FREE (2) Popular paid resources. FREE (2) fretter2 GCSE German WJEC Speaking Questions. hasslethehog A Level German: improve essays using synonyms While not wholly wrong, that scheme is too simple. FREE (5) fretter2 Opinion phrases in German. by car, with friends, happily), and the place or destination occurs last of the three.

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