Say about .006-.010 some suggested almost fret height. Re-glue the nut. You want to be sanding the bottom of the guitar nut, so be very careful you have positioned it correctly in the vice. Of course if you already have a small vice, read on. *Of course, your guitar nut may need to be lowered on just the bass side, or both, but all the same tips apply. Start by loosening the string, not taking it off. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 2. I could’ve spent a fortune on expensive nut files, but it’s a fiddly job best handled by a professional. Another way to describe it would be the angle of the strings to the frets, between the bridge and the nut. This meant I had to drastically over-compensate at the bridge end (see second pic). TDPRI, short for Telecaster Discussion Page Reissue, is the leading online community and marketplace for Telecaster guitars. $19.99 $ 19. Nut Width is definitely a significant factor in determining how a neck will feel. The distance from the string to the first fret will always be higher than the fretted first to the second fret height. Repeat until you reach the proper height, and then move … A good place to start is at the factory heights which are 1.5/64″ or .022″ for the Low E, A, D, and G strings, and 1/64″ or .018″ for the B and high E strings. Just a small amount is needed. For GIbson-style nuts, work away at the glue with a sharp knife. The guitar well become easier to setup in general making that super-slinky low action achievable. The owner, and several repair techs at the other end of the country, had almost given up on it. Some people use superglue but I wouldn’t use this. on Guitar nut height adjustment – 7 easy steps, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), The Golden Age of The Video Game Arcade : 1980. A capo at the first fret isn't any sort of way to measure/adjust nut slot height. Smaller hands will find this very comfortable as do players who mostly play rhythm. Tools Needed. If your string reaches the feeler gauge (.018 inches is the best gauge to use for optimal nut action height) you are all set. Nut height is only a part of the equation. The Blogging Musician has grown from a personal hub into a valuable resource community for musicians and writers alike. Fender-Style nuts can be knocked out with a will placed hammer strike. Guyker 42mm Guitar Adjustable Brass Nut - Height Curved Bell Nut Replacement Compatible with Fender Strat ST Tele style Electric Guitar. Telecaster® Adjustment And Care. If you have the nut height at it's absolute minimum, weather changes or … Now just re-string and tune up your guitar and we’re done. Why the Fender Stratocaster is better than the Gibson Les Paul. I find this is too small to me measured. Even Telecaster die-hards will sometimes admit that the stock neck pickup is not the model’s crowning glory. Just a small dot of glue is all you need to hold the nut in place. It is also important to cut the nut slot in a slight downward angle. Luckily, there’s a much easier and cheaper way to sort the problem. Take a close look at the before and after pictures to see a clear lowering of the action over the first fret on the treble side. It is about giving the best average height along the neck, and at the same time ensuring there is no buzzing or rattles. 99. 1-5/8" (41mm) This is the smallest nut width and considered "Vintage" since most of the guitar makers in the 1950s and 60s used this size. A Wooden Sanding Block– Non-wooden will do but again, it’ll require more elbow grease. FREE Shipping. You can choose from our various sizes for a Nut Width that fits you perfectly! This should be a 30 second job with coarse sandpaper and a wooden block, longer the finer the sandpaper and the softer the block gets. This is strictly my opinon, and how I determine and set the action. The vice allows you to just go for it and be as aggressive and messy as you like. Surely everyone has these in one of their cupboards. I researched and read a lot of info on the web and TGP about recommended nut height as compared to the height of the frets and most info recommends it should be just over that height. Setting up string height at the nut is somewhat mystical. Does the bottom of the nut look nice and level in the vice? Note: These specifications are meant only as a guide; they should not be construed as hard and fast rules, as we realise that every player's subjective requirements often differ. All you would be doing is making the first fret a 'zero' fret, which it isn't. Make sure it is evenly spread across the base of the nut. I always thought nut height depends on how long your legs are. 99. We are dealing in fractions of a millimetre here. Jiayouy Adjustable Guitar Nut & Bridge Sander Luthier Tool for Electric Acoustic Guitar Bass Black. What I do is put a business card between the 1st fret and the string, it should be tight. The three wound string were fine, but as you can see from the pic below, the nut height increased dramatically for the top three strings. Then tune back up, and use the feeler gauge to check the distance once more. Open chord fretting requires far less effort. Depending on the original height, Open chords may appear to sound more ‘in-tune’ due to the strings bending less distance to the fret. His debut album This is Who I am was released in 2016 followed by his first book Goa : A Lesson in Life, published in 2017. Yamaha Pacifica 112J Electric Guitar Review. The distance from the top of the 1st fret to the bottom of the string should be just a hair, for sure. Nothing to worry about here, just use what you can…. Job done! Having tested these suggestions and varying …, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. To enter. Adam Harkus is a guitarist, singer/songwriter and author with a new-found passion for sharing the knowledge and experience gained from 20 years of playing, writing and producing. Nut slot height isn't about making the distance from string to fret the same all along the neck. The annual Supporting Member Giveaway is on. "Action" is a balance of nut height, bridge height, and neck relief. You can usually go lower than this, especially on the treble strings but.015" is about as low as I go. Discussion in 'Telecaster Discussion Forum' started by Bernard, Sep 26, 2006. I'm not sure why you mention that because it isn't a measure of anything important. Some people even water down wood glue so that it’s easier to remove the nut if you ever need to again. Line 6 Variax: Still thinking about buying one? I picked this up for £3 at a market and it’s the perfect tool to hold the nut accurately and securely for sanding. The guitar nut height on my Yamaha Pacifica 112J needed serious attention. The following setup procedures and specifications are for your Telecaster as equipped with the strings that come on the instrument as standard equipment from the factory. body player telecaster btb 7712873550 7712307000 neck player telecaster pf 7712309000 0991448100 0015636049 0994910000 0011357049 0037429049 0053106049 0058820049 0994918000 0090872000 pickguard tele b/w/b 0090876000 0015578049 0992058000 0994915000 0015610049 white felt washer 0994930000 7713174000 7712278000 0036878000 0994925000 0058128000 0012319049 … Good. To do this, use wood glue. Once you are happy with your nut height you should re-glue the nut in position. In my case I didn’t want any nut material removed from the bass end, but a gradual reduction in height up to the treble strings, so I made sure only a tiny piece of nut material (on the treble side) protruded up from the vice. The maximum height I would use for regular (not slide) playing is about.020."

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