But if your home is built on a crawl space or above a basement, then the floor can be a terrific location. Below are a few options to consider for adding some stealthy bass to your system. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'thehifiguide_com-box-3','ezslot_1',105,'0','0'])); Among all positions, placing the subwoofer behind your couch is a common question people ask. The bigger your subwoofer is, the better it is to place it behind the couch. Therefore, it will produce vibrations and noise while placed on the floor. NAM 1 NAM 1 Wammer; Wammer; 1 5,055 posts; Personal Info . Paying heed to the crossover frequency is also a significant pointer while deciding the subwoofer’s facing direction. So the vibrations produced from the subwoofer will be reduced to a minimum while using a carpet. The rug in your room can mop up echoes and to muffle effect. If the idea of altering your cabinet doors is a turn-off, consider James Loudspeaker's Powerpipe sub, which fires bass through a tube that ports into your room through a vent in the subwoofer. The direction where it sounds the best should be the direction your subwoofer should face. The sub is a velodyne cht-8 front firing subwoofer. If you own a speaker that depends on your subwoofer, even for a frequency of 120HZ or above it, then placing the subwoofer behind the couch is not a good idea. Reply. In your case, you might place the subwoofer directly behind you instead of the corner. This will help to vent out the frequencies of sound in a better way. Thus, it will result in a cracked voice coming out of the speaker. Rear placement right behind the couch is absolutely one of our favorite locations for both home theater and music. A subwoofer undoubtedly enhances the sound quality of your home theater. There are a lot of things you need to consider such as the subwoofer size, the environment you are in, and many others. For behind the couch, you would still be blocking the sub in some way, so you will lose some of the sound. There are tons of subwoofers not much larger than a bowling ball. My room thread Tangen inConcert Miles build Status: Sold! The sub will be behind the sofa firing across the back of the room. Fortunately, technological advances like new driver designs and powerful digital amplification have resulted in so many great options that you'll almost never come across a situation where a sonically and visually appealing solution can't be found. A subwoofer that is large enough to carry the load of your home theater as a whole can be placed behind the couch. So, it is essential to spare some of your time researching the best way to reduce oscillation. So you can have good and small - just don't expect cheap. Thus, you will experience fewer vibrations if you use a subwoofer placed on the carpet. Therefore, it is necessary to spend considerable time researching the perfect setting for your subwoofer. Bass sound is far less directional so anywhere in the room could do the job. The slim enclosure design allows you to place the CP-8 under the sofa, behind it … This may annoy your neighbors, which is certainly not a good idea. The CP-8 is a self-powered subwoofer that delivers massive fast bass into your seating position. If you plan to hide the sub behind closed doors, make sure the doors aren't solid but rather a material like speaker-grille cloth or perforated metal to allow bass to flow into the room. Mount the sub between the floor joists, replace the traditional speaker grille with an HVAC register, and your guests will be wondering where all that great sound is coming from. You can also build a platform for your subwoofer that is not much elevated from the floor. How High Should Speakers Be Off the Floor? A Bowers & Wilkins DB1 subwoofer Bowers & Wilkins The No. The implication is that a "yes" will kibosh the entire system. Frequency Requirement of Your Speakers However, it requires you to consider a few factors for producing the best sound. How To Place Subwoofer Behind Couch. In other rooms it didn't work at all, so.. try it! A perfectly positioned subwoofer can deliver you an awe-inspiring bass sound that could make your day or night perfect. Let’s get into it. "By employing a weighted antishake device that's wired out of phase with the woofers, [Sunfire's in-wall sub achieves] a five times reduction in the vibration coming from the cabinet," Eric says. If you plan to hide the sub behind closed doors, make sure the doors aren't solid but rather a material like speaker-grille cloth or perforated metal to allow bass to flow into the room. The subwoofer will be close to you when you will place it behind the couch nearby to the wall, for instance. As a result, you will get a better sound and bass from it. A carpeted floor absorbs the sound vibrations. I had my sub behind my couch, and loved it. By placing the subwoofer close to you, the bass is faster, more powerful, and carries massive sub harmonic vibrations with it.

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