When charred, remove and let cool. To roast peppers: preheat oven on to 450°F. Instructions. FOR WATER PROCESS CANNING: Add hot salsa to hot sterilized jars leaving 1/2" of headspace, and water process in water canner 15 minutes for half pints, 20 minutes for pints. And with good reason, the combination of fresh vegetables, sometimes fruit and chili peppers, ramped up with a little citrus, vinegar, or other acid is a perfect topping for many a dish. Happy chipping and salsa dipping! Turn off heat, and leave jars in hot water for 5 minutes. Tacos, dipping with tortilla chips, as a fresh condiment with steak… it’s pretty versatile. Then add all the ingredients including the lime, cilantro and salt and cumin to … 3. scrambled eggs + tortillas + cheese + salsa 4. migas 5. chicken tacos with fire roasted salsa 6. taco salad minus the dressing, add the salsa 7. more salsa + chips x 100. You can use this fresh salsa on everything. Directions. Fire-roasted Salsa Roja. You can make this salsa with a gas or electric stove, so worry not – no real flames required. Bring this to a boil on top of the stove over medium-high heat; reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes. 2) Roast the chili peppers over open flame until charred, but not burnt. It’s quick and easy to do in the broiler. The possibilities are endless! Worldwide, salsas are among the most popular condiments. Place peppers on a small baking sheet or oven safe dish. I use my gas https://www.gimmesomeoven.com/restaurant-style-salsa-recipe 2 Green Onions (to top at the end.) The “blackening” of the vegetables is optional, but does help to give a fire roasted flavor and appearance. Step 12. Roasting the vegetables at a high temperature blackens and blisters their skin, giving them a smoky “fire roasted” flavor even without a direct flame. Under the broiler, on the grill or on your gas stove, char the: Tomatoes, jalapenos, garlic and both the yellow and green onions. Use this fire roasted salsa recipe wherever salsa is called for, and you wont be sorry! You just wont be. Besides, “oven roasted salsa” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Rinse peppers in water and cut off the tops. While the tomatoes are roasting, put the serrano pepper and the jalapeno peppers directly onto the flame on the

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