Sliding the tube up and down did not seem to compromise the collimation. Ultimate take-anywhere telescopes! When placed on a solid surface, the telescope was stable and dampened down in just one second from normal bumping and handling. I would consider manual movement as a fall-back mode to be used only if batteries fail. Carina’s SkyVoyager software for iPhone and iPad shows oodles of objects, just the ticket for a big scope like this. Motorizing what is, at heart, a nonprecision telescope design and having it slew to and track objects accurately is no small task. 42,24 EUR* * excl.Shipping costs. I do have the 12" collapsible SkyWatcher with SynScan and love it. Yes, you can physically push the telescope to a new target, then still use the GoTo to find and track more objects, very handy for public viewing, when scopes invariably get bumped. At $1,700, it is a bargain for a GoTo telescope of this aperture — a 12-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain goes for $3,600 or more. With this Dob, you don’t have to keep nudging it every minute or so to keep objects centred. SynScan-GOTO Upgrade kit for Dobsonian Telesope. One supplier of premium Dobsonians sells a 12.5-inch model with add-on computerized GoTo for upwards of $6,000. I had to admit to being skeptical. DOB 10" Collapsible. However, I found the Chinese-made f/5 optics to be excellent, with no obvious aberrations or optical flaws. High-power observing becomes practical. We put the LighTrack II from Fornax Mounts through its paces. Cool your aperture fever, and settle for an 8-inch ($1,200) or a 10-inch ($1,400) model instead. 29,31 EUR* * excl.Shipping costs. Most astronomers crave the large aperture of a Dobsonian telescope, yet the … Skywatcher GoTo Dobsonian? Other than ensuring that the telescope is reasonably level on solid ground, there are no special setup requirements. They are also ideal if working space is limited. (Colour of the product image is for reference only, actual colour of the product may vary dpending on distributor) PRODUCTS. DOB 8" Traditional. We find out! Sky-Watcher Flextube 400P SynScan GOTO Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope. After that, you aim the telescope at one star by manually and electrically slewing it to a star either you or the system chooses (of necessity, you do have to be able to identify bright stars). DOB 6" Traditional. Thus I discovered a function missing from the software: Anti-Cord Wrap. Heritage P130. Some might argue that Dobsonians appeal only to hard-core visual observers who shun anything high-tech, while the high-tech savvy buyers always opt for photo-capable Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes (SCT). Once the telescope is aligned, the Go-To system allows the user to slew the telescope toward planets, stars, nebulae, … Our test telescope, on loan from Pacific Telescope Corp., worked great. It offers a good selection of targets, including all the deep-sky objects in the Messier, Cald­well, NGC and IC catalogues. Sky-Watcher's Stargate 18-inch Dobsonian Review by Sky& Telescope 2018 APRIL ... 15 February 2018 Load More. Skywatcher Losmandy Style Saddle Plate for EQ6 Mounts. The SynScan hand controller allows users to point the telescope at specific objects, or tour the night sky with the touch of a button! Plus the fast f/5 focal ratio of a large Dob is wonderful for “wide-field” views of many deep-sky objects and star fields — a jumbo 31mm Nagler eyepiece worked beautifully with this scope. Centre the star with the slew buttons, hit Enter, and you are aligned. TS Replacement Part Worm Gear with Shafts for Skywatcher EQ5 and similar mounts. With its SynScan Dobsonians, Sky-Watcher has produced large GoTo telescopes at breakthrough prices. Unlike many GoTo scopes, the SynScan models include encoders that keep track of the telescope’s position even if the scope is moved manually. Each alignment attempt worked fine — I never saw the dreaded “Alignment Failed” message. What kind of light shroud do you recommend? Another feature that worked fine was the Park Telescope command. As aeajr pointed out, this is for a SkyWatcher/Synta. DOB 14" Collapsible. What are everyone’s thoughts?I will be transporting the telescope to viewing sites.. Will I have to collimate everytime I move this thing? Most astronomers crave the large aperture of a Dobsonian telescope, yet the … (Colour of the product image is for reference only, actual colour of the product may vary dpending on distributor) Maksutov Cassegrains. The holiday season may tempt you to buy a telescope, but our expert advice will help you focus on what’s really important.

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