Daniel Sablowski Betreff des Beitrags: Re: FEM-Simulation von Spektrografen-Gehäusen. This prevents tube sag and deformation when the telescope is moved. Offline : Meister: Registriert: 11. A modified Serrurier truss was designed to support a beam collapser for the USNO Optical Interferometer. Palomar 200 inch (5 meter) Hale telescope. The Serrurier Truss consists of two truss systems, each extending in opposite directions from the central pivot axis.) A True Serrurier Truss? Beitrag Verfasst: 26. The classic Serrurier truss design shows how these factors can be compensated. […] (My Bsc (Hons) was "The design and construction of the Issac Newton telescope". The telescope is build in a Serrurier truss tube design. Serrurier used in the title is an inaccurate term for the simple tr uss system described in the article and commonly used in most large, portable amateur telescopes. The f/4 carbon-fiber and aluminum Newtonian is 100-percent designed and manufactured in France – mechanics and optics – to the highest specifications. Mirro-sphere’s 12-inch Serrurier-truss telescope (Image 1) represents a new concept in truss-tube design. This article here , as well as the Wikipedia article on the Serrurier truss , point out that a true Serrurier truss has many advantages over the half-Serrurier truss. Because we want our telescopes to be the best, Obsession telescopes incorporate much larger diameter aluminum tubing than is commonly used (see statistics table for sizes). A NASTRAN finite element model and closed-form equations were developed to design the truss members. A Serrurier truss is used in telescope tube assembly construction. _____" Astronomical Spectroscopy for Amateurs" - Springer. Our cell is made with a Lasalle-system which uses 24 points on the back side of the mirror that are all resting on small counter-weights on roller-bearings. I don't believe even those commercial truss designs are actually Serrurier truss designs. Das LUNT Team hat nun mit dem neuen LS300THa F/7 in Serrurier-Truss-Design ein wahlweise single oder double-gestacktes Teleskop in Forschungsqualität entwickelt. The truss sections need to vary with end load and all the joints to the central section etc. xviii Preface that few amateur builders dared deviate from the established norm. Nach oben Profil . The design solves the problem of truss flexing by supporting the primary objective mirror and the secondary mirror by two sets of opposing trusses before and after the declination pivot. The force of each point is optimized with FEM calculations. The Serrurier truss is what makes large, portable telescopes possible. Das LS300THa ist in der Lage hoch aufgelöste Sonnen-Bilder aufzunehmen. Mit Zitat antworten . The truss was designed to maintain the primary and secondary mirrors within the allowed specified optical and stress tolerances under gravity, wind, thermal, and earthquake loading. What I have been considering building is a half-Serrurier truss, in the style that has become popular because of Kriege and Berry's work that led to the Obsession telesocpe. Serrurier Truss Design. Juni 2016, 14:27:28 PM . Used world-wide, it's incredibly stiff and lightweight. must be "pin joints" not bolted. The mirror support is a very important point of a telescope. Dieses Instrument liefert ein Bild, das von keinem anderen aktuell hergestellten Sonnenteleskop übertroffen wird. The design was created in 1935 by engineer Mark U. Serrurier when he was working on the Mt. It is designed for advanced amateur astronomers who want the best quality on the market.

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