And remember, you can use the high-pass filters in conjunction with the HF boost! NTG-3 Instruction Manual - 2 - Introduction Thank you for your purchase of the NTG-3 precision broadcast-grade shotgun microphone. Freedman Electronics Pty Limited ABN 91 000 576 483 trading as RØDE Microphones ('we', 'us' or 'our') collects personal information about you in order to provide you with information about RØDE products, including information about bug-fixes and software updates. The VideoMic NTG is a class-compliant device and will work directly with your computer or tablet PC. Simply plug it into your device, set it as your input source in your system preferences or recording software settings, and hit record. You can also monitor your audio with headphones using the 3.5mm output (just remember to set the VideoMic NTG as your output device) and control the output level using the variable gain control, which is capable of driving even high-impedance headphones. The VideoMic NTG comes with high-quality shock mounting with a variety of configuration options. What are the physical controls and lights on the VideoMic NTG and how do they work? Green indicates the battery is fully charged, amber indicates medium charge, red indicates low charge, and blinking red indicates very low charge. Read more about using the pad and safety channel here. The infinitely variable gain control is a knob on the rear of the microphone that allows you to precisely tailor the output level to your recording device. RODE NTG-3. Press and hold for three seconds to manually turn the mic on/off. If you would like any further information about the our privacy policy or practices, please contact us at Note: If you manually switch the mic on using the power button, then plug it in into a device or turn the device on, you will also need to manually turn it off when you no longer need it as the auto-power feature will not do it for you. There is no difference in the sonic characteristics of the safety channel, it is just 20dB lower than the main channel. Wouldn’t they essentially be recording both channels at the same level? Press and hold the button to engage the high frequency boost (right LED will illuminate). If you would like to receive new product information and news from RØDE, click the box below. This might be a very loud source at a distance (for example, a rock concert), or it could be a more moderate sound that is very close to the microphone. Recording sounds of Machine Guns, Supressors, and other firearms, by Watson Wu Studios. To connect your VideoMic NTG to a Lightning-equipped iOS devices, such as an iPhone, iPad or iPod, you need to use the RØDE SC15 cable. NTG3 EC Certificate of Conformity. RODE NTG-3. Nt2-a rode microphones (12 pages) Microphone RODE Microphones NT2-A Instruction Manual To fix this, turn down the output of the VideoMic NTG down slightly, and turn up the gain on your camera to compensate. RØDE NTG-3 on KIT: An Autobody Experience. You can also plug your VideoMic NTG into an iOS device using the 3.5mm output, however, using the USB-C output with the SC15 gives you access to a host of features including headphone monitoring, the safety channel, and two-way audio transmission for making video calls. There is also a high frequency boost for enhancing clarity and detail in your recording (particularly handy if you are using a windshield, which can make recordings sound muffled). If there are any issues with the battery within this time frame, simply contact the RØDE support team and we'll happily help out. NTG3 EC Certificate of Conformity. Well, the pad is a true pad, meaning it will attenuate the incoming signal so that the capsule itself does not distort. The NTG-2 has many uses; It can be mounted on video cameras using either the on-board camera mic … When connected to a computer, blue indicates the connection has been established and green indicates the mic is fully charged. By default, it will automatically power on when connected to a device, or when the connected device turns on, and power off when disconnected from a device, or when the device turns off. It’s worth comparing the VideoMic NTG to other on-camera microphones for reference as to how quiet all RØDE microphones are. However, it does not function with devices with a TRRS input as they only support one channel of audio. NTG3 Datasheet. There is also a safety channel, which will record a second track onto your device at -20dB in case the main channel distorts, allowing you to swap it out in post-production.

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