I wouldn’t reach for the Turret to play FPSes or action games, but not having to fumble with wires coming out of a piece of plastic the size of a skateboard on my lap means I’d prefer it for slower games, or just generally using my PC. Archived. Read our affiliate policy for more info. Please refresh the page and try again. Instead of being on a pad, my hand in the WASD position was resting on the slightly sharp metal edge of the Lapdog tray. In addition to being comfortable, a good lapboard has to be usable—both when you are and aren’t playing games. So you might as well make sure your money is worth it and that the lapboard you choose comes with everything you need. The one I used was simply hard plastic, but the rest, mousepad, and cushions are replaceable, and Roccat even says you’ll be able to 3D print your own accessories for the Sova. I realize this is probably a lot to ask with a niche product, but I stumbled across this thing and I really want something like it. If u have/can buy a tkl keyboard diy with wood for few €. The left and right motions were fine, but top to bottom risked the edges of the mouse going off the pad. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. It’s a fantastic small form factor lapboard for using a mouse and keyboard on the couch, but only if you are looking for some very specific things. The only thing they have going for them is that that they are a lot cheaper, but know that you get what you pay for—or in this case, miss out on what you aren’t paying for. For some, the Turret will be the only logical choice thanks to these unique advantages, while others won’t even consider it due to the flat keyboard and smaller mouse area. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the pcmasterrace community. The responsiveness of each key press and quality of the mousepad are just as important as any other factor when comparing your options. I was hoping the keyboard might quickly snap into place, easily moving from desk to couch, but installing it instead required I unscrew panels held down with six hex screws, put it in place, and then screw the panels back on. One of my friends recently moved, and in the process lost the cable for his Roccat SOVA that I got him as a birthday gift some time ago. Finding a spot that was comfortable and stable both while playing and resting was a bit of a balancing act. The inconveniences don’t stop there. New York, All right, this might be cheating a bit, but seriously, the Roccat Vulcan is just too good not to mention alongside the Fnatic Streak. Roccat Sova Mechanical Lapboard Roccat Swarm Driver Compatible Swarm is Roccat’s vision for the future of gaming software. Yeah, more expensive than this one unfortunately. The Razer Turret is in an interesting position on this list, as it’s the only one of the three lapboards that is wireless. Only two types of keyboards will fit in the Lapdog: The Corsair K70 or its slightly smaller version, the Corsair K65. The three most popular models are the Corsair Lapdog, Razer Turret, and Roccat Sova. My rig is currently set up with a wall mount over a bed (long story) and I don't have a desk to put my things on. The mousepad area is a smoother finish than the Sova and Lapdog and is significantly smaller, measuring roughly 7.5” wide by 4.5” tall, but it provided more than enough room to use with a higher sensitivity mouse and wrist motions. Cheaper alternative to ROCCAT Sova lapboard? If the Corsair Lapdog had a wrist rest, it would be easy to recommend as a high-end option for people who don’t mind all the little annoyances if it means getting closer to a desktop setup on their couch. The mousepad area on the Sova is a rough matte finish, and while it isn’t as big as a regular-sized gaming mousepad (the Sova mousepad measures roughly 11” by 9.5”) it was definitely large enough for any game I played.

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