It felt extremely busy for my liking with not enough spreading out of the buttons. Great. Advertisement When you think of wrist support, you imagine a … The Horde AIMO does need its space. When you think of wrist support, you imagine a piece of equipment that supports your wrists, right? I think if it was a little on the cheaper side, it wouldn’t feel like such a hard sell as it currently sits at $99 on ROCCAT’s website. The issue here, in my opinion, is the lack of actual support. Suffice it to say, it’s fine. My enthusiasm for the big wheel changed when I discovered that what looks like a person icon (the key right next to the dial) activates Windows 10 Dial support – you know, the fancy stuff that the natty Surface Dial peripheral does. The Roccat’s claimed midway actuation point (how far you need to press down on each key in order for it to register) is more like 3/4 way from my experience. While the RGB options extend to your usual colourwave, breathing, heartbeat and snake schemes to name just a few, Roccat’s new AIMO intelligent lighting system is arguably the most interesting. However, bit by bit, it grew on me. This is an interesting take in that ROCCAT could have easily decided to just add this to an existing keyboard, but by going with a new design, there are a few other interesting things here that are not present on their older keyboards. no USB passthrough or a USB hub available, which could be a make or break for some buyers looking to purchase this particular keyboard. As much as I love my mechanical keyboard, sharing a room with someone who’s ears work when using one can lead to glares, tuts and, on occasions, that look. It measures around 18.5 x 9.0 inches including the removable wrist rest. It might be expensive for a non-mechanical keyboard but, if you pretend it’s a mechanical board in ‘whisper mode’, then it’s not half bad. Usually I’d spend a lot of effort up front dissecting a keyboard’s design, but the Roccat Horde Aimo has a ton going on and I don’t want to keep you here all day. This lets you assign three more functions to right and left rotation, such as various keyboard shortcuts or even individual letters, numbers or Fn keys, as well as ‘clicking’ the wheel itself (the person key as you can’t actually click this wheel). Once I had settled in, it felt almost as comfortable and precise as most the mechanical keyboards I’ve used recently. It really does make a difference thanks to the speed at which it handles these actions. One thing that this style does have over the mechanical boards, they’re not as noisy. Fortunately, the Horde AIMO is not so shouty about its lightshow. Dissimilar to mechanical boards, where the keys are prorated, membrane solutions use full-size layers that catalog input when a key is pressed to create an electrical route between an upper and lower layer. MSRP $89.99 Amazon Sitting lower than the other keys should prevent them being accidentally triggered. Now, we have its keyboard stablemate, the Horde AIMO to run along side it. Generally, this makes membrane keyboards a lot less expensive than their mechanical counterparts, but they’re also less durable and, some might argue, less precise. Unfortunately, with the Horde Aimo, I didn’t feel like I had this abutment. This site uses cookies to improve your experience. Roccat Horde AIMO keyboard review A cataclysmic collision of keyboard worlds. The Roccat Horde Aimo, as a gaming keyboard, has to be a bit more, and it fails to shine. ROCCAT's Horde AIMO keyboard introduces a real horde of features, which fits the name. Almost 70 Pro-Ject turntables have been stolen on their way to UK distributor, Henley Audio, Node Audio Chinese debut at Design Shanghai with DavidHugh (HeXu) as local distributor, Chord Company C-jack 3.5mm aux cable is ready for your new audio tech this Christmas, Copyright GadgetyNews | Crow Media Cream Magazine by Themebeez, Roccat Horde AIMO RGB gaming keyboard review. More Like This. The dial is also fully compatible with Windows 10 dial functionality, making the Horde AIMO currently the first keyboard in the market with this feature. Roccat is slowly building up its AIMO RGB peripheral range. A soft padding material would have made the world of difference. Any and all support helps keep DualShockers as a standalone, independent platform for less-mainstream opinions and news coverage. What I thought was dull lighting, actually makes sense when gaming in the dark. The Horde AIMO Is ROCCAT’s New Gaming Keyboard That Includes ‘Membranical’ Key Switches, Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation’s $200+ Mousepads Will Keep Your Wrist Very Comfy (NSFW), Review: ROCCAT Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard, Genshin Impact: Zhongli Gacha Banner, Drop Rate Boost Characters Guide, Pokemon Face Masks are Here and Available in 151 Different Patterns, Final Fantasy XIV Upcoming Announcement Showcase is Sure to Reveal Something Juicy, Soul Calibur VI Reveals Classic Soul Edge Fighter Hwang in New Trailer, Here is How Cross-Gen Saves Will Work for Cyberpunk 2077, Turtle Beach Has Acquired PC Gaming Accessory Company Roccat, Roccat Kone Aimo Gaming Mouse Review — A Game of Roccat and Mouse, Roccat Announces New Surround Sound Headset Khan AIMO, ROCCAT Presents Impressive Lineup of New Gear, Razer Reveal a Sneak Peek at Its First Mouse and Keyboard for Xbox One, © 2020 DualShockers, LLC. The Horde has five half-height macro keys down the left side. Unfortunately, it just comes across as awkward. In some parts it looks like it wants to be all stealthy and angular, whereas others it’s smooth and organic. One issue I did notice was there is no USB passthrough or a USB hub available, which could be a make or break for some buyers looking to purchase this particular keyboard. However, it still gives it a sense of precision when compared to other membrane keyboards I’ve used previously. The design that ROCCAT chose this time puzzled me as I found that there was a lot of starved space crying out to be made better use of around the periphery, hence adding to its bulky stature. The design didn’t look nor feel very premium, but more archaic for such a new keyboard. Great. I really enjoyed how it felt to type, it was crisp but not loud and soft but not too light that you were left wondering if you actually hit the key properly. Even if this was made smaller, the keyboard itself was unnecessarily large, so if you have a small to medium sized workstation, then you may have a hard time keeping this colossal keyboard sitting pretty. The eye-catching f… The keycaps are also covered in a matte-black finish, which I did like the look of and it felt pleasant under my finger-tips. It only really comes to life at night in its seemingly vampiric nature, but again even then it’s not very illuminated. They can be easily configured to your needs using Roccat’s Swarm software. ROCCAT's Horde AIMO keyboard introduces a real horde of features, which fits the name. Other membrane boards have felt much more spongy and indirect. I am hoping that this is actually the reason for the dull lighting. First we had the Kone mouse, now the Horde keyboard and, say in a padded bag behind me, is the Khan AIMO headset. I do miss it when I am at the day job. You can also add another ‘custom tool’ option to the Dial menu using Windows 10’s Wheel options in the Devices menu in Settings. The overall look of the keyboard is quite confused. ROCCAT Horde AIMO Keyboard Review — Mechanical by Design, ROCCAT Horde AIMO - Membranical RGB Gaming Keyboard, ROCCAT has promised to bring a new meaning to the word extra in the Horde AIMO Membranical RGB keyboard, but how true to their word are they?

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