Rational strategies for the control of queleas and other migrant bird pests in Africa BY P. WARDt Centre for Overseas Pest Research, London The red-billed quelea, Quelea quelea, a major pest of cereal crops in Africa, has been 'controlled' in many countries for over 20 years. Ø Desk study: a review of published and unpublished literature on the environmental effects of control measures against quelea birds was conducted and distributed as a report, summarised in a peer-reviewed publication. Just control-click on any verse to pop up a "quick-edit" window where you can fix it with the minimum of fuss - it's so quick and easy, you can even do it during the song! ing with cyanophos and fenthion for quelea control in Senegal. The mere presence of quelea in an area is not a reason for controlling the birds, however numerous they may be. the problem. Tsetse Fly Following target plan on tsetse fly control in each member countries it has been able to achive more than target plan i.e 65% thnak you for all the stakholders and team involved. consequences of quelea bird control. Pick any bible you like. When food runs out, the species migrates to locations of recent rainfall and plentiful grass seed; hence it exploits its food source very efficiently. It shows, uniquely for any African bird species, where red‐billed queleas most probably will not breed in a given year, and will enable quelea control teams to focus their attention on breeding areas most likely to be colonized by the birds if they are near to vulnerable croplands. Red-billed quelea are unlikely severely to attack crops unless their natural food is depleted, although both adults and particularly young inexperienced birds may attack crops simply because they are easy of access and easy to eat. Just noticed a mistake? Ecotoxicology and Environmental . No problem. Extensive control measures have been largely unsuccessful in limiting the quelea population. Oerke, E.-C. (2005) Crop losses to pests. Basically the strategy is that of search and destroy - "Go and Yet its numbers do not appear to have altered significantly in consequence. The Red-billed Quelea (Quelea quelea) is the world’s most abundant wild bird species, with an estimated adult breeding population of 1.5 billion pairs. Quelea can push out lyrics to any mobile device with a browser, all in real time - and you can choose the colours to best suit your needs. Bird Damage to Rice 249. Safety 43, 1–10. This capability may be invaluable when allocating limited time and resources to control operations. Following target plan on Quelea Bird control in each member countries it has been able to achive more than target plan i.e 60% thnak you for all the stakholders and team involved. Quelea control, developed almost thirty years ago, is comparatively easily undertaken, requires little or no critical appraisal and, when undertaken efficiently, is readily seen to be effective in controlling bird numbers and thus, by inference, in reducing crop damage.

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