Following are two types of questions that you will come across while appearing for a government job exam: What is meant by ‘Numerical Aptitude or Quantitative Aptitude’? {{tbCourse.pageDescription || "Aptitude Test is Testbook's Online Test Series to prepare for Campus Placement Exams and get your Dream Job at Infosys, L&T Infotech, TCS and Tech Mahindra. There are a number of tests which are available for various campus drives like Infosys Test Pack, TCS Test Pack, L&T Infotech Test Pack, Tech Mahindra Test Pack etc. Quantities aptitude questions given here are extremely useful for all kind of competitive exams like Common Aptitude Test (CAT),MAT, GMAT, IBPS Exam, CSAT, CLAT , Bank … You can view this Reasoning mock test question details at the end of the quiz. In what Railways exams are Aptitude Questions Asked? These will help students who are preparing for any type of competitive examinations. We provide aptitude quiz on a daily basis to improve your performance in exam. Though the Quantitative or Numerical Aptitude questions seem to involve basic math, they are followed by closely-related confusing options. Apart from attempting these tests, you can sign up at to practice chapter-based questions and take quizzes. Coaching Institutes; Exam Categories ... Free Online QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE Practice & Preparation Tests. Now, it’s 8 seconds. QA is to examine the candidate’s inner ability. The Logical Reasoning Aptitude Test gauges your thought process, to see if you can form the correct conclusion or judgment in a complex situation. Practice thousands of questions for free while having fun! We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. The #1 app for Current Affairs on Google Play Store is just what you need while preparing for recruitment exams. If you think that Government jobs are mundane and boring, here’s a reality check! That’s shorter than the 9-second attention span of the average goldfish! Aptitude Tests offer you a good way to keep your wits sharp and mind fresh! How can I prepare for my Aptitude Test at Take free quizzes. Get a customised auto-generated Exam Analysis after every exam to know what topics and areas to improve. The quantitative aptitude questions with answers mentioned above covers various categories and extremely helpful for competitive exams. Railway always comes up with great employment opportunities for various posts like RRB NTPC, RTCG, RPF exams where a didate is judged on the basis of the aptitude Test. These will help students who are preparing for any type of competitive examinations. The very first stage of any government recruitment is to test your IQ (Intelligence Quotient), through 2 types of questions. Testbook App gives you the easiest and smoothest test-taking experience on your mobile device. So enhance your focus and IQ by taking an Aptitude Test now! Quantitative Aptitude Quiz - Questions & Answers The game of numbers begins here! Quantitative Aptitude is most important for competitive exams conducting by the employers/Exam board every year. Some topics covered under the ‘Numerical Aptitude’ sections of exams are Simplification, Approximation, Number Series, Percentages, Data Sufficiency, Data Interpretation, Problems on Ages, Averages, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Profit and Loss, Simple and Compound Interest, etc. Logging you out in 5 seconds. You can prepare with the help of exam-specific courses developed by our experienced Subject Matter Experts. The numerical aptitude test measures your ability to interpret, analyse and draw logical conclusions based on numerical data. Ltd.: All rights reserved, {{}}, {{freeTestObj.availTillStr | date: 'longDate'}}, {{freeTestObj.attemptedOn | date: 'longDate'}}, {{freeTestObj.expiresIn >= 1 ? why don't you put reasoning and verbal ability questions. Aptitude Tests check your competence, reactions and analytical abilities to perform skilful tasks. Logical Reasoning and Numerical Aptitude sections - which appear in almost all major exams like SSC CHSL, SSC CGL, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS SO, IBPS RRB and Insurance company exams - are classic examples of recruiters assessing your basic problem-solving skills at preliminary stage of recruitment itself! All the answers are explained in detail with very detailed answer descriptions. Quantitative Aptitude Test – Question Answers This mock test having 15 question, with four choices. These experts take great efforts in crafting questions for your practice and have a proven success rate of 1:3 selections in Bank Jobs! provides you with quick, effective, affordable solutions and these tests are tailor made to help you beat the level of difficulty that you face in your exam! Why don't you put reasoning and verbal questions. Questions made by experts with years of experience in making Aptitude Tests. It is basically the ability of a mind to think and understand things in a logical way. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Quantitative Aptitude forms bulk of the paper in IBPS PO and SBI PO preliminary exams. I like this page very much, because of aptitude questions. If the radius is $12$ m and capacity is $3312\pi$ cubic metre, the height of the cylindrical portion in metres is: 2) $\dfrac{4}{3}×\dfrac{22}{7}×r×r×r=\dfrac{4}{3}×\dfrac{22}{7}×(216+512+1000)$, 1) Volume, V $=\dfrac{22}{7}×12×12\left(\dfrac{4}{3}×12×\dfrac{1}{2}+h\right)=3312×\dfrac{22}{7}$, we will have to take up physics formulae for 5th one. The quantitative aptitude questions mentioned above also contain aptitude questions asked for various placement exams and competitive exams. So it’s very important for you to maintain a healthy attention span by solving complex puzzles and math tricks. 'Resume Quiz' : 'Start Quiz'}}. Guaranteed to give you the most seamless preparation experience in English and Hindi! The tests continue even without internet and if the power goes out, your tests get paused automatically so that you can resume where you left. They are very carefully designed by counsellors and psychologists and thus deliver very accurate results. The most complete study material of Quantitative aptitude is here! What is meant by ‘Logical Reasoning Aptitude’? Usually conducted in job placements and recruitment processes, aptitude tests also evaluate your capabilities to perform difficult but everyday tasks with ease and agility. Get questions based on actual exam pattern, Questions to check your Numerical Aptitude or Quantitative Aptitude, Questions to check your Logical Reasoning Aptitude. On each click on answers system will tell you where the answers is correct or incorrect. AMCAT, amcat mock test, amcat aptitude question, amcat sample question, amcat questions, aptitude, aptitude test, career test, aptitude, aptitude for placements, aptitude questions +91-85588-96644 - or - Request a Call. IBPS Guide provides you lots of fully solved Aptitude questions and answers with explanation. Candidate should have good understanding of all the topics mentioned in the arithmetic syllabus as the current day competitive examinations test the candidate's clarity of concept, speed of calculation and accuracy of the solution. In 2000, the average attention span was 12 seconds. No need to worry about fluctuating internet connection and power back up! Quantities aptitude questions given here are extremely useful for all kind of competitive exams like Common Aptitude Test (CAT),MAT, GMAT, IBPS Exam, CSAT, CLAT , Bank Competitive Exams, ICET, UPSC Competitive Exams, CLAT, SSC Competitive Exams, SNAP Test, KPSC, XAT, GRE, Defense Competitive Exams, L.I.C/ G. I.C Competitive Exams , Railway Competitive Exam, TNPSC, University Grants Commission (UGC), Career Aptitude Test (IT Companies) and etc., Government Exams etc. As a result, Aptitude Tests are aimed at assessing your verbal, psychometric, critical thinking, logical reasoning, numerical, behavioural and many more tendencies and skills. The tests include topics like Geometry, Speed, Time & Distance, Linear Equations, Mensuration, etc. "}}, All of Testbook and more in the palm of your hands! Detailed, step-by-step solutions to each and every Question. In this section, you can find numerous aptitude questions with answers and explanation.

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