This model was discontinued in 2013 and replaced with the S2 Mira. The SE Santana was updated with a full 24 frets and an improved electronics layout. The PRS Mira model is a 24-fret guitar that features a 25” scale length, 10” radius, regular or wide-thin neck shape, locking tuning pegs, PRS … Guitar World goes on to say that the “SE Series is a great way for players to break into the PRS brand and for PRS aficionados to expand their toolbox.” Song Simian review … The S2s … WiredGuitarist. The Mira is still an all-mahogany guitar and the top has an asymmetric bevelled edge, a theme that originated on the original Mira: think SG as opposed to Les Paul Standard. The fact that the S2s are made in the same Maryland factory as the super high-end PRS Core models should speak for itself. Read more: PRS Paul’s Guitar. Latin for “wonderful,” Mira is also the name of an unusually fast moving star located approximately 350 light years from earth. Introduced as a low-cost Core model in 2007, the double-cutaway Paul Reed Smith Mira featured a mahogany body and neck, 24-fret rosewood fretboard, and newly-designed Mira humbucking pickups. January 10, 2017. The all-gloss finish doesn't have quite the crisp mirror-like reflection of the core … PRS S2 Mira Review.

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