Percy Jackson and the Stolen Chariot 7. “We’re alive.”. The driver’s seat was charred to a crisp. We’d battled Titans and calmly faced death a dozen times. I knew I’d seen that stuff before. “George, Martha.” I called, hoping they could hear me. Lettered on the side were the words: Wait . Luke turned evil. Luke died in war. Annabeth pulled out her shield and dagger. How ugly was he? I had to do that once with this horrible tattletale named Battus … but I’m sure you’ll be careful. George and Martha must be terrified-”, “Is this an elaborate joke?” she asked. I didn’t like the idea of walking to the other side of the cave, especially though the flea market of heavy machinery and cow carcasses. The caduceus blasted it’s beam of blue light, and the giant disintegrated into a beautiful starburst. Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon … probably the demigod Hazel admired most. Then a distant snaky voice spoke in my mind. “Stupid staff!” Cacus threw down the caduceus in disgust, which was the chance I’d been waiting for. Very annoying. First, I didn’t want to lie to Annabeth. At any rate, Cacus is always stealing things from the gods. The giant climbed from the pit., his velour housecoat steaming, and his face spattered with slime. I felt a dangerous amount of pressure in the city’s waterlines, and I summoned it all into the broken pipes. A beam of blue light shot out of the tunnel, carving a trench up the side of a glass office building, melting windows and vaporizing concrete. Everything, demigod! We need heros for that sort of errand.”, “Uh-huh. I figured I’d ask. I figured we only had a few seconds before he found us. I put out my arm to hold Annabeth back. “Any idea why Hermes acted so nervous? Just lure him over there. Annabeth swung the cran arm back and forth, building momentum as the giant cursed and struggled. Far below I heard Cacus bellowing as millions, maybe even thousands of filthy gallons of water slammed into him. Me, the god of thieves, being stolen from. "What is he talking about?” Annabeth asked. “What a fine offer! Finally we shot out of the ground atop a disgusting geyser and landed safely on the pavement. “I help you with your embarrassing situation, you help me with mine.”, Hermes raised an eyebrow. “Enough!” Cacus leveled the staff at Annabeth. "Answer our questions. God of beginnings and endings, after all. To all of you who live in the Meatpacking District, I apologize. I call for breakfast, and you two appear? “Wait … You can speak with the snakes, Percy Jackson? “It was on the news yesterday.”, “A construction worker got hurt. Far above us, a big metal claw hung from the crane’s arm- probably what they’d been using to hoist garden supplies. “Well … yeah!” i thought: Do people celebrate stuff like that? “We might be customers. “You’re trying to kill us with Groupons,” she announced. “Any last words, demigod?”. I looked at him in the eyes and hoped my threat would work. Read the sign on the water tower.”, She rapped her knuckles on the bronze surface. Hermes is the Greek god of roads, travel, loads, gymnasiums, athletes, diplomacy, orators, thieves, commerce, trade, and invention. Pedestrians and cops backed away, yelling in alarm at our sewafe version of Old Faithful. The Quest for the Staff of Hermes was a quest bequeathed to Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase by the Greek messenger god, Hermes after a giant stole his Caduceus.Hermes wished for his Caduceus to be returned quickly to prevent anyone from recognizing it was stolen. They’d thing the giant was just like- I don’t know- a gas explosion or something.”, Annabeth gazed wistfully across the Great Lawn. Maybe I was imagining that he’d just threatened to petrify me if I told anyone about the theft. Together we’d faced the wrath of the gods. Yes. Percy says his mom is Sally Jackson. “The mortals wouldn’t understand what was happening.

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