Nike revolutionized the shoe world when it introduced the original Air Max with its air unit supporting the heel way back when, but with the 270, they broke the mold yet again. But Nike Air Max Creative Director Dylan Raasch, the man behind the sleek design and concept of the AM 270 (and Nike Roshe Run, of course), and his team made it all achievable after series of conceptualizations and product testing. The bottom of this sneaker features a three-part design on its outsole. The Nike Air Max 270, otherwise referred to as AM 270, is not an exception to this. Though, those with wide feet found this narrow-fitting in the toe box and opted for a half size bigger than their usual for a more comfortable fit.Nike Air Max 270 HistoryWhen Nike came up with a concept of fusing two of the most iconic Air Max models to produce a new Air Max silhouette and actually released one, Air Max fanatics were in awe. With that said, these are extremely comfortable, offer a record amount of air-cushioned design and are very pleasing to the eye. Another great thing about these sneakers is that they don’t require a ton of break-in time so not only are they comfortable, but they also don’t take a long time to feel that way. The outsole is made up of reinforced rubber while the upper has accents of fused overly, adding to the sneaker’s durability. The padded tongue of the shoe is part of its upper, making it a one-piece design. On March 26 Air Max Day 2018, the Teal Air Max 270, which colors are inspired by the AM93, made its debut. It comes in a variety of colours, so it looks stylish with every dressing. However, it does provide enough cushioning, comfort and response that it can be used to participate in occasional sporting activities without hurting your feet. This contemporary Air Max model is as impressive as it looks. The 270 moniker is based on the 270-degree of visible Air unit, which happens to be a nickname for one of the two inspirations of this shoe – the Air Max 93 that pioneered the blow-molded Air Max unit in the heel. The Air Max 270 is made to be a comfortable sneaker. One feature that this AM shoe prides itself on is its remarkable plush and responsive cushioning given by its dual-density foam sole and Nike’s biggest 32mm-thick Air unit in its heel. It is the first shoe in the Air Max lineup to feature a heel Air unit that is specifically engineered for lifestyle use and all-day wear with similar performance vigor as those used in its sports performance predecessors. The oval laces weave in an asymmetrical pattern through nylon bands that are attached to the mesh which also give this shoe a secure fit. Due to the fact that it was not engineered to be a performance sneaker, it may not be the best choice if you are looking to do regular training runs or if you want to improve your splits. With a design inspired by the Air Max 180 and Air Max 93, the Nike Air Max 270 is equipped with Nike's largest Air heel unit to date. The Air Max 270 prices out pretty similar to many running shoes while not offering a lot in terms of performance. It is a feature that gives character to the entirety of the silhouette and makes it easily recognizable in the eyes of seasoned sneaker heads and ordinary sneaker buyers. Although it isn’t technically a stability sneaker, it does provide a good amount of support through its snug-fitting neoprene booty in the upper and its supportive heel cup in the back. Case in point, one way to draw the attention to the sneaker is by incorporating an equally attention-grabbing pair of socks that would match its color while maintaining muted elements in the rest of the outfit. It ticks off all the boxes concerning comfort, support, superb fit, and lightness, which makes up for its expensive price point. It takes just a glance from sneaker heads or even regular consumers to give a nod of approval to this silhouette’s modern and sporty-casual facade that embodies the Air Max legacy. It is also important to note that, like many Nikes, this shoe tends to run a little narrow so if you have wide feet, you may just have to pass on this one. The Air Max 270 is a pretty neutral shoe in general because it isn’t meant to provide a lot in terms of performance. The ladies, on the other hand, have options from 5 to 12 with half sizes in between, in B Standard width. Several buyers even admired the exceptional colorways.CONS :- A small number of reviewers reported that the pair of the Nike Air Max 270 they bought showed holes in both sides of each shoe just after a few months of use.A few reviewers said that the opening of the shoe is too tight that it is almost impossible for someone with a high bridge on their foot to squeeze into it.Some were disappointed that some colorways are hard to cop as they become quickly unavailable or sell out immediately.A couple of reviewers commented that this Air Max runs a bit narrow in the toes for wide-footed wearers.There were a few disappointed comments on the one-piece tongue of this shoe because it rubs against the top of the ankle and causes blisters.Some reviewers thought that the Nike Air Max 270 is not worth its expensive price tag.A handful of reviewers were not pleased that this Air Max shoe gets dirty quickly.The Nike Air Max 270, which is Nike’s first lifestyle Air unit, is a balance of the old and the new. Being that this shoe isn’t meant to provide a lot in terms of performance, the price tag might throw you a little. The fit generally runs true to size but tends to run a bit narrow in the toe box. These qualities, along with the rubber outsole, will definitely add spring to your step. The heel features reinforced rubber with a similar, yet smoother, waffle-like design. Men can avail it from size 6 to 15 with half sizes from 6.5 to 12.5 in D Standard width. By signing up, you’ll receive the most authoritative content from the world of endurance multisports—straight to your inbox. The large air unit may intimidate some in terms of how durable this sneaker may be, but because the outsole adds an excellent amount of protection to it, they should hold up nicely barring any sharp objects nearing the sides of the shoe. The overall look can be described as innovative and stylish. In the end, this exceptionally responsive shoe is fun to look at and super-comfortable to wear. The outsole also features the updated Air Max logo stamped into the middle, giving it a snazzy look. The Air Max 270 boasts a soft mesh knit upper on the outside of the shoe with some wider opening in the knit. One look at the bottom of the shoe, and you’ll be able to see not only where this rubber is at the back of the shoe, but you’ll also be able to see where the two different midsole foam materials are used which are indicated by the matte and glossy rubber. With the flexible neoprene and mesh upper, the dual mesh midsole, and the super-responsive Air Max outsole, your feet will feel cushioned and supported. Nike Air Max 270 StyleNike Air Max has established a name in the sneaker community as a lineup of sleek and fashionable sneakers with a rich heritage and long list of influences to different cultures and subcultures. At the back of the sneaker, the star performer of this shoe, the large air unit, is seamlessly molded into the upper with smooth glossy rubber. React technology has improved the comfort level … The 35mm air unit featured on this sneaker provides a positively outstanding response to each step. Because the air unit cradles the heel and doesn’t fill the entire heel area, your heel is allowed to bounce and respond to each heel strike effectively. That means they were made to be stylish. They can be worn in or out of the gym and will help anyone look up-to-speed in terms of style. Its exaggerated one-piece tongue and tongue logo, on the other hand, pay homage to the 1991 Air Max 180. Nike has always been at the forefront of stylish sneakers and these are no disappointment. Right around that, the reinforced rubber on the heel and the rubber on the forefoot trace the outline of the shoe and provide traction and stability. Down the heel is the largest heel Air unit ever for impact absorption and improved cushioning fit for an active lifestyle. Also, because the neoprene booty and lacing system keeps the shoe snug to your foot, you will feel comfortable and stable with each step.

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