Lifegard Aquatics’s model had frustratingly vague instructions and was overly expensive while the Fluval 2in1 didn’t measure the temperature inside the tank, it instead measured the temperature of the glass. You see, this device monitors the temperature of your aquarium. It’s funny to think that this is essentially a floating or sinking thermometer with a suction cup attached. The display box is small, measuring 1.9 inches x 1.1 inches. After all, if you want to test for accuracy, you need accurate testing equipment. I’ll level with you: I cringe when I see thermometers included in aquarium kits. So, I expanded the thermometers we tested to include laboratory stem thermometers and cooking thermometers, you know, the type that you stick into a roast to see if it is cooked? The USB cable is only for supplying power to the unit. How we tested and reviewed each thermometer, Lifegard Aquatics Digital Temperature Alert, Consistently returns an accurate reading across a variety of water temperatures, Probe can easily be moved to any location in your aquarium, Requires batteries or source of electricity, Fluke Digital Thermometer and Thermocouple Probe. If you still want to buy a sticker thermometer, you should know that they have a limited lifetime – most thermometer strips fail after a year. Others are free floating in the water, though you can also get standing versions weighted at the bottom. This is quite small, so it won’t be too obtrusive for small tanks. Others had a less precise scale, with increments of 3 instead of 2 degrees. The temperature reading is very accurate. Thermometer sticker strips (and why they suck!). On my 110 L (29 gals) tank I use an Ink Bird controller. A Silent & Reliable Canister Filter: Which Brand to Trust? Submersible thermometers are most commonly made of glass. As you see in the thermal image taken from above the aquarium, there were noticeable hot and cold spots. But then some reliable digital thermometers are actually very cheap, even though they are very accurate. That makes them considerably more fragile than the other types of thermometers. I have a 125 with a 17” Giant Gourami and 4 parrot fish. Because of the wide range of the temperature, getting a precise read of the temperature isn’t easy either. My number one pick was the Vee Gee but having tested it for a year now, I am noticing signs of rust. No data monitoring despite USB connection. I’m glad I could help. Thank u so much for this article. Aside from inaccurately displaying the temperature, usability varied dramatically. Most hobbyists agree that stick-on thermometers are not accurate. It weighs just 3.5 ounces, so it doesn’t offer much weight when you install it using the suction base. For more information, please refer to our Comment Policy. However, as you will soon find out, accuracy was just one piece of the puzzle…. The thermometer display is attached via a 3-foot cord to a plastic probe, which has a suction cup you can attach to the inside wall of your aquarium. It is fantastic as it keeps the temp within 0.1C. What about Top Fin Thermometers? One huge concern here is that most of these thermometers are made of glass. This revealed an oversight I had made. If you must buy a thermometer strip, then this is as good as it gets. I turned off the laser pointer as that seems better for a tank. The Big Digital Temp Alert has a programmable alarm that alerts you when the temperature is above or below the acceptable range. The battery is included. If you’ve read through some of the pages of this site, you’ve probably read several times how crucial it is to maintain a stable temperature for your fish, and that temperature should be suited for the fish you have. By keeping the probe and display separate, the important electrical bits won’t get wet. That way if one got got stuck on, it could not get hot enough to cook the fish. Hi, I need a good thermometer for my 10 gallon tank. The main benefit of the aquarium thermometer is that you can measure the temperature of your aquarium water. Hi, You said Best all-around aquarium thermometer: Vee Gee.Then right after you say ….. the winner is… The Cooper Atkins Digital Pocket Thermometer. Sometimes these are called LCD thermometers because they have some sort of LCD display. This allows you to set the probe up permanently in your tank while the meter sits on the outside, displaying the current temperature. These are overkill for most freshwater tanks so I don’t recommend them for the average user. What do you think of THOSE? With the circulation fan in place, the temperature distribution of the aquarium was at a point where I was satisfied that I could achieve a conclusive result. If you accidentally drop any of these thermometers inside your aquarium, they will stop working – only the sensor probe can be placed inside your aquarium. Make sure you’re not getting a mere LCD thermometer when you want a digital one. Regards, Gary. Good guide. All up, I tested 6 digital thermometers in this style and not one of them returned the same temperature reading. This can be used for both freshwater and saltwater tanks. And, let’s face it, they are old-fashioned. Interestingly, despite all these being advertised as aquarium thermometers none had a waterproof LCD display. If you’re looking for the best aquarium thermometer, you’ll need to look in this category. I have 5 of them and like you said they are all over the place with there readings,i also have a glass submersible that is more accurate than my jw smarttemp by 1 degree. Despite the small price tag, Zacro made a decent quality product. Completely agree with you on the Ink Bird, it’s one of those products that you hope you never need. The LCD is also best viewed straight on, so place it where you can see it easily. It must be powered by a USB power source. On the lab front, the Thomas Traceable Long Stem Thermometer came with a calibration certificate and could have been our top pick. The waterproof Cooper-Atkins also performed well. We have tested two infrared thermometers, the Fluke 62 and a cheaper Etekcity 1080. It’s also not as accurate as the digital model. I bought the Vee Gee based on your recommendation. It turns out they focus exclusively on color-changing technology. Analog thermometers are a thing of the past. I simply grabbed a spare Hydor Koralia I had kept aside for my reef tank. There are four temperature alert options: The Lifegard Aquatic Big Digital can be used in freshwater or saltwater aquariums. It measures 7.5 x 5 x 1.5 inches and weighs just 1.6 ounces. And on to your next article. If you can suggest a brand it would be greatly appreciated. Okay, so it’s not technically a thermometer, it’s a temperature controller – essentially a thermometer on steroids. That means that the temperature sensitive ink is affected by the temperature of the room. While the water was warmer near the heater, it was cooler farther away. Similarly, if one failed completely, the water temperature wouldn’t drop as much. I will add that if your curious fish bumps your standing thermometer, then you will have to dunk your hand inside your tank to set it back up. The Keynice Digital Thermometer is a unique thermometer designed for many temperature monitoring applications including aquariums. The Zacro LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer is another super inexpensive thermometer that provides quite accurate readings.

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