Allows the pet mob to move onto a bed with its owner while sleeping. A list of potions that this entity can drink. Chance that an allele will be replaced with a random one instead of the parent's allele during birth. Allows the actor to break doors assuming that that flags set up for the component to use in navigation. Given below is a detailed list of all Commands in Minecraft. Players can reference materials, textures, and geometry from the vanilla Minecraft Resource Pack or create their own. This option will be ignored if never_despawn is true. Multiplier for walking speed. Only works on vanilla entities that have predefined color values (sheep, llama, shulker). The player involved with the interaction. Allows the mob to enter the panic state, which makes it run around and away from the damage source that made it enter this state. Allows mob to move towards its current target. Format: itemName:auxValue, List of sounds to play when the interaction occurs, List of entities to spawn when the interaction occurs, Event to fire when the interaction occurs, Particle effect that will be triggered at the start of the interaction, Distance in blocks at which the 'spring' effect starts acting to keep this entity close to the entity that leashed it, Distance in blocks at which the leash stiffens, restricting movement, Distance in blocks at which the leash breaks, Event to call when this entity is leashed, Event to call when this entity is unleashed, If true, players can leash this entity even if it is already leashed to another mob, If true, this entity will set the attack target as the entity that looked at it, Maximum distance this entity will look for another entity looking at it, If true, invulnerable entities (e.g. Returns true when the subject entity receives the named damage type. Sets whether or not this entity is experimental. Allows the mob to accept flowers from Iron Golems. Event to run when this mob attempts to drop an item. Can only be used by the ender dragon. List of entity types this mob will drop items for. Omit this property for no limit, Ending scale of the entity when it's fully grown, Event to run when the entity enters the 'sit' state, Event to run when the entity exits the 'sit' state. Allows the mob to use the polar bear's melee attack. Default: 2. Sets the equipment table to use for this entity. This is the minimum difficulty level that a mob spawns, This is the maximum difficulty level that a mob spawns. They are used in many places in Minecraft. Event called on an entity that is spawned through two entities breeding. Determines if the trades should persist when the mob transforms. A value of 0 means the item won't lose durability, Text to show when the player is able to interact in this way with this entity when playing with Touch-screen controls, Loot table with items to add to the player's inventory upon successful interaction, File path, relative to the Behavior Pack's path, to the loot table file, Loot table with items to drop on the ground upon successful interaction, The item used will transform to this item upon successful interaction. Defines the interactions with this entity for healing it. Sign In. Event to run we attempt to trigger a raid on the village. Lower bound of the allele values for this gene. List of items that the entity drops when it grows up. Allows this mob to breed with other mobs. Tests whether the subject is in an area with snow cover. Used to differentiate the component group of a variant of an entity from others (e.g. Returns true when the subject entity is in lava. Built to be used with flying mobs. Allows an entity to go to the village bell and mingle with other entities. Invisible bedrock cannot be mined in either survival or creative mode, so the only method of removing them is by using cheats, however players discovered in creative mode you could fly above the invisible bedrock and walk around on the top. The range of height in blocks offset the mob can have from its anchor point. If true, this the spawned entity will be leashed to the parent, The number of entities of this type to spawn each time that this triggers, Minimum amount of time to randomly wait in seconds before another entity is spawned, Maximum amount of time to randomly wait in seconds before another entity is spawned, Identifier of the sound effect to play when the entity is spawned, Identifier of the entity to spawn, leave empty to spawn the item defined above instead, If present, the specified entity will only spawn if the filter evaluates to true, If true, this component will only ever spawn the specified entity once, List of items that the entity wants to share, Actor definition to use as projectile for the ranged attack. Sets the speed multiplier for this entity's walk animation speed. Only usable by the ender dragon. More script types will be added later.-Pre-animation scripts are evaluated immediately before animations are processed.-Scale sets the scale of the mob's geometry. Controls their ability to float in water / lava. This controls the ender dragon's death animation and can't be used by other mobs. The cooldown time in seconds before the goal can be reused after an internal failure or timeout condition. Sets whether or not this entity has a spawn egg in the creative ui. Maximum time in seconds to randomly add to the ambient sound delay time. If the entity type is not the same as the entity, this value needs to be identical on both entities. A value of 1.0 means the speed is unchanged, Multiplier for the running speed. Defines the distance in blocks the mob has to be from the block for the movement to be finished.

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