1. It was made in Ensenada, Mexico in 2013. This Bass Guitar is in mint condition. Fender MIM Geddy Lee Jazz Bass 2012 - 2019. The MIM Geddy Lee neck came from a complete bass with a MX20 serial number dating the bass as 2020. The CIJ Geddy Lee basses are very thin at 0.77" just behind the first nut and around 0.92" (I don't remember this exact measurement) just behind the twelfth fret. What's so special about that? Fender Jazz Bass Geddy Lee MIM 2013 *Price drop 675£* £713 Portugal By bensilva, Wednesday at 17:25 in Basses For Sale. I have a made in Mexico Jazz bass already and these two basses are worlds apart. About This Listing. Not to say that my MIM Jazz isn't a good bass. It has an awesome tone and to my ear it is as good as a USA made Geddy Lee. The Geddy Lee Jazz Bass® guitar is an exact replica of the tonally singular instrument that Rush's revered bassist/vocalist has riffed away on in front of millions of devoted fans worldwide and on many a mega-selling album. Fender Jazz Bass Geddy Lee MIM 2013 *Price drop 675£* Selling Tips + EXCLUSIVE SHIPPING DISCOUNT INSIDE! Sign in to follow this . Super comfortable neck, booming bottom and excellent high end. 29 new from $924.99 5 used from $559. Mean, mean stride. They are the same pickups used in the AVRI models (which are not the CS pickups) Geddy's personal real deal Jazz Bass was nothing more than a stock 1973 model with a BadAss bridge. Radv Swap Shop UM2s I own one of the early CIJ Geddy Lee's as my main bass. This I know for sure. It is Made in Mexico. The Fender American Special Jazz Bass body in Candy Apple Red came from a complete bass with a US13 serial number dating the bass as 2013. Followers 2. It is, but the Geddy Lee bass blows it away. This is a bass that is Made in USA. I've been wanting a Geddy Lee Jazz bass for a while and it was well worth the wait. As for the pickups in the Geddy Lee, they are the Fender 60s Jazz Bass and not the Fender Custom Shop pickups.

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