I’d love to try the butter and basil salt… Freezing Basil Oil or Pesto . Using table salt is acceptable, but it should not contain iodine, as it is not good for canning. Regarding preserving basil, in the video you said 1/4 c salt to 1 c basil chopped. Keep the salt jars in the freezer and use the basil within six months based on experience, indefinitely! Clean, wash and dry the herbs, remove all the thick stems and discard them. Pick, clean and dry a bunch of unblemished basil leaves. For many of us, this tender annual seems to epitomize the season. Step 2. Or simply use the blanched leaves to make your favorite pesto recipe before freezing. And, the Basil tastes great whether we use it in November, January or any other time of the year. Clean and dry the leaves, in a deep container with a lid, place a half inch of salt on the bottom, add a layer of basil leaves sprinkle with salt, press down gently but try not to break the leaves. This is great for preserving the individual leaves and keeping them intact. For this process, I recommend either sea salt or kosher salt, but canning & pickling salt will work too. preserving basil in salt. I will show you today how I preserved dill, but there are other herbs suitable for this method: parsley, rosemary, basil, celery leaves, chives etc. Since we grow a lot of Basil, we could never eat it all when the leaves are ready. The size of the container and the amount of salt depends on the amount of basil leaves. I love Basil and we use it a lot in cooking. Choose a method that works best for you and how you use basil when cooking. Lay about ¼ inch of kosher salt in the bottom of a container. But I have figured out a great way to preserve a lot of Basil. This is by far the easiest method for preserving herbs you grow in the garden. Add the herbs in layers, alternating with salt… The advantage to preserving basil in salt is the oil does not evaporate from the leaves and the basil retain most of flavor and texture. Ask most people what their favorite herb is, and their response will often be basil. It’s quick and easy. How to Preserve Fresh Basil Freeze Basil. Put them in a blender or food processor and puree, adding enough extra-virgin olive oil to make a smooth, somewhat liquid paste. They will … Place in clean dry jar and store in fridge. Step 1. Basil tastes its absolute best when it’s enjoyed fresh, but thankfully you have a few creative options to preserve the vibrant flavor of this herb that’s so strongly associated with summertime. Your email address will not be published. In the link after your typed instructions, it states 1c salt to 1/4 c basil Then spread out on cookie sheet, cover with cheese cloth for … After you've blanched, chilled, and patted your basil dry, strip the leaves from the stems. To preserve Basil in salt, simply layer sea salt in a jar, and add basil leaves. Step 3. Freeze Basil in Oil – Fellow Professional Home Economist Mairlyn Smith shows you how she freezes basil by chopping it and mixing with oil.. There are several ways to freeze basil. Preserving in salt (no oil), making basil vinegar, freezing whole leaves, and a couple batches of the roasted tomato-basil soup since I have tomatoes to use up, too. How to preserve basil in salt . Continue until you reach the top of the container. In a clean glass jar add a layer of salt to cover the bottom. Log in, « Restaurant Review of Smokies Cuban Cafe in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

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