It is an aggressive fish at times. Remember that these species must be given the illusion that they are burying their eggs deep enough to last through the coming drought. The female is very similar to all Aphyosemion females. However, the vast majority of Killifish bred in captivity become used to … Whether they will have them or not is another matter, but most of them tend to have them, but you might be out of luck with some as they are not the fish that are the most demanding in the fish keeping world. These species are often called annual fish because they may live one season only. These species have bright vibrant colors and beautiful ​finnage but very short lifespan, as do many guppies. In terms of ph of the water, the ideal ranges for acidity should be about 7.0 to 8.0 ph, but it is not exclusive to that. They tend to be generally shy fish, so they might be hiding when you introduce them to the tank mates a lot; they will develop a good relationship with them over time, though, and they are perfectly fine with tank mates. Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, 2020. They will lay a few eggs every day among the strands of a nylon wool mop suspended from a cork. The male grows to nearly 3 inches in length, and the female is slightly smaller. In the fish keeping world, they are not often seen in aquarium setups and home tanks, which is why they might be considered rare by some people. Least killifish are known as being quite easy to breed. It is mostly found is slow-moving waters with a slow current where they feed on microcrustaceans and plant material. The fish will lay eggs on clumps of peat fiber in the tank bottom. In terms of the number of killifish in your tank, they do prefer to live in groups; this means that you should keep more killifish together in your tank, possibly 4, 5 or even more. They are regarded as more tropical fish, but they do live in different conditions in the wild, so it is not obligatory that they have strict conditions. It is possible to experience the miracle of the killifish lifecycle by actually buying eggs from breeders online. No, least killifish are not aggressive at all. It is mostly found is slow-moving waters with a slow current where they feed on microcrustaceans and plant material. Disclosure: I earn a small commission when you purchase products through my affiliate links – read more. Fish coming from these types of habitat usually spawn by laying their eggs in the feet of floating plants (egg-hangers or top-spawners). Hopefully, you have learned all about the least killifish in this article and you know the specifications for keeping them. They prefer live foods in the aquarium but can live on feet flake food supplemented with frozen brine shrimp and blood worms. However, they are more inclined towards eating meaty foods, so they can also be considered to be carnivores. This small freshwater fish is a very friendly fish that will not disturb your tank too much and you can add it to any community tank as well. Most of the common Aphyosemion species and ‘panchax’ species spawn in this way. All you need to provide is perfect tank conditions and male and female killifish in the same tank. In fact, they are known as quite shy fish, especially at the beginning or when you introduce them to new fish. I had my water aerated, with peatmoss in it running around 75F. The killifish or egg-laying tooth carps are very closely related to the live-bearing tooth carps (guppy, Mollie, Platy, and swordtail) even though they have very different methods of reproduction. The results you will see for yourself; some will breed, while others will not. chocolate australe.

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