I happen to think the KEF team have done a really nice job of producing a quality wireless powered speaker at a very reasonable price. The transmitter is powered by USB, while the receiver is powered directly by the subs expansion port. I've had the opportunity to hear the difference that time alignment offers vs. a simple polarity adjustment and the difference is as important, in my opinion, as your Uni-Q design is for time aligning the mid and HF divers. Insights KEf Uni-Q Reference Blade Maidstone. i was under the impression that due to being an active wls system there are limitations on these with a sub. The LS50 Wirelesses launched in 2016 as an active speaker system take on KEF’s legendary passive LS50 speakers – a pair of wireless stereo speakers packed with built-in amplification and streaming smarts – and their impressive execution of this appealing concept earned them a five-star review and a What Hi-Fi? For all things REL, please defer to us as the final authority. If problems persist and you were connected to LS50 Wireless before, try unpairing from “KEF LS50 Wireless” in your device list. ''1. I am using the KEF LS50 Wireless (Active speakers) and I will use the Subwoofer out from the master speaker. LS50 Wireless 2 は、単なるハイ・パフォーマンス・ラウドスピーカーではありません。それは、非の打ち所がないオール・イン・ワン・スピーカーシステムなのです。あなたが好きな音楽を、好きなソースからストリーミングが可能。 This is the only thing missing from making this a comprehensive bass management system. Thanks, in advance, for any help that you can provide with these questions. This would be an ideal situation for the many albums that do not have distinct silence between tracks. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Low level has zero issues with ground--in fact you will bypass grounding issues by going this way so do not worry. The -6dB (85dB/1m) frequency range for the LS50W is spec’d to 40 Hz (More), 43 Hz (Standard) and 46 Hz (Less). The new KEF LS50 Wireless II is a fully active wireless stereo system that delivers pristine, KEF sound coupled with instinctive usability and high-performance wireless capability. You can absolutely use (2) T/7i coming out of an inexpensive Y-adaptor as KEF suggests and you may obtain, with careful placement, smoother in-room response. i'd reached out to Rel (as i'm looking at their t/i7 series) only to learn this from one of their tech people. Do you think you may offer an update to allow for distance or delay settings for the subwoofer? Experiment with the setting that sounds best. Read our KEF LS50 review. The only question is whether you need one or two. The second question that I have would be regarding DLNA / UPnP playback. KW1 is also perfectly suited for use … Read our KEF LS50 Wireless II review. KW1 is also perfectly suited for use … Spotify's record setting April 4 Initial Public Offering is raising the hopes of artists and musicians throughout the music industry. do new speakers really need to be broken in? Will you be able to obtain very good sonic performance from this combination? then he later again clarified using low vs high pass and stereo sub bass in the kef's wireless system... and that you cannot use high pass or the stereo sub bass due to the LS50W's active design. This allows a 20dB swing (-10dB to 10dB) in output gain from the LS50W. SCORES. There are three settings (Less, Standard and More). In a small room you may want to attenuate the bass somewhat by using the Less setting, but before you add a subwoofer, check out the More setting and see how that works for you. Black Friday deals: see all the best offers right now! Why is my ARC reporting my speakers are out of phase? KEF LS50 Wireless (Gloss Black) Wireless Speakers (Pair) KEF LS50 Wireless HiFi Speakers deliver a clear, accurate and transparent sound that creates an intense, rich, and multi-dimensional soundstage experience. With this wireless product being able to replace multiple boxes and essentially become an audiophile's lifestyle product, this type of time alignment between speakers and sub would give far better sub integration while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic for rooms where visual appeal is paramount. In addition to the subwoofer out, the LS50W app also does a couple of other things to make subwoofer integration simple and optimal. ''J, absolutely NO brand of subwoofer will be able to offer you true stereo bass through the active LS50 design; this is a result of KEF's design priorities, not any subwoofer manufacturer. A little more information: I have the LS50 Wireless speakers connected via USB (Computer) and via Optical-Toslink (PlayStation 4). High-Resolution Audio - Is There Really A Difference? One is regarding subwoofer delay settings vs. the current polarity adjustment. If one is pushing in while the other is pushing out frequencies will get canceled and this cancellation is most noticeable in the bass range. Pairing is intuitive, while a range of up to 30m (line of sight) makes placement easy, while data encryption ensures it is security. What Does An Out Of Phase Speaker Sound Like? The High-Pass Mode allows you to set the bottom end of the frequencies sent to the LS50W Uni-Q drivers. As for KF LS50 I do agree “they” can be difficult to drive with certain amps, but I still don’t see the point of KEF releasing such popular speakers, if you need a Hegel H190 to drive them properly! There is no denying the thump the LS50W Active Music System is capable of producing, even in a larger room, but for those of you who want just a little more bottom end, the LS50W app has some options. The KEF LS50 Wireless is an amazing pair of bookshelf speakers that has just about every input imaginable. If you find that a subwoofer is necessary for you to get the most enjoyment from your music, the LS50W has a standard RCA-type subwoofer output for super easy connection to an external subwoofer (we recommend the KUBE-2). The transmitter is powered by USB, while the receiver is powered directly by the subs expansion port.

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