If you try to translate ‘tonno scue’ scue’ into English, it would be ‘tuna made with no effort’. Saute onions and garlic in olive oil until softened. As this collection demonstrates, Italian seafood recipes vary a great deal depending on the chef, region and season. I found a few recipes online, but none grabbed me. Like most Italian cooking, for truly authentic Italian fish recipes simplicity and flavour rule the day. It has often been said that beans are the meat of the poor man, as they are a healthy alternative to meat, but in Italy, beans are used in pasta dishes, salads, mashed and spread on bruschetta - to name but a few options. As well as... Oranges go perfectly with smoked mackerel, particularly the red oranges that are so abundant in Sicily. This fish and shrimp stew is often served over crostini or toast. If you ever have the chance to visit the town where I was born, Torre del Greco, you will soon realise that every restaurant in town serves this dish. Please make sure that you never use tuna in brine for this recipe and if you like you can add some capers to the sauce. Winter, for example, is cuttlefish season and will feature on many of our Italian chefs menus. From Gino’s traditional Italian baked fish recipes, which include the classic whole baked sea bass with salsa – spigola in barchetta – to his Italian fish stew recipe – stufato di pesce – and his Italian fried fish recipes – which cover the indulgent fritto misto – there’s a wealth of inspirational ideas to discover. Marianna Vitale serves red mullet in a simple anchovy cream, while Antonella la Macchia dusts cod fillets with a light semolina batter for her Fried cod with cauliflower ‘affogato’. https://www.greatitalianchefs.com/collections/seafood-recipes With less than 200 calories per serving, it makes a great diet lunch or light dinner. Once you have blended the ingredients together, that’s pretty much job done – it smells amazing too. I used swordfish, but tuna would work well too. Southern Italian people, me included, are absolutely crazy about tuna. They are used all day every day and are so incredibly good for you - packed with protein and soluble fibre, they make a really wonderful alternative to potatoes. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and scatter around the fillets. Always make sure you... For many people, salmon is the king of fish – it has a firm, meaty texture and a beautiful pink colour. Mackerel is an oily, coldwater fish known especially for its nutritional benefits, as it’s a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which are good for brain growth and protection. You coat the fish and there you have it – ready to be cooked. It is usually sprinkled over meats, such as osso bucco or carpaccio, but it also makes a great garnish for grilled fish. I cooked this dish overlooking the beach at Pescoluse, on the Puglian coast. The reason it is called this is because the few ingredients used are put... Every now and then fish and chips in the UK is a must, but I must admit I often prefer my fish in breadcrumbs rather than batter – they make a far lighter coating that really means you taste the fish – and with this recipe I’ve come up with a much healthier but still delicious version. You can cook it there and then or even prepare in the morning and cook. Orange and fennel are a popular combination in Sicilian cuisine, especially in the city of Palermo, and with the addition of this seductively rich-tasting fish this salad becomes the star of any antipasti table. As a lover of Italian cuisine, and especially seafood, it’s no surprise that she was inspired by our Eating Italy Food Tours to come up with an Italian creation: Cacciucco – the most famous Tuscan fish stew recipe. Cut the olives in half and scatter over … The Feast of Seven Fishes is an Italian-American Christmas Eve tradition celebrated with seven seafood dishes, or seven kinds of seafood (but sometimes more, … Italian’s are known for their deep respect for quality produce; fresh fish only needs the lightest of culinary touches for spectacular results. From a simple to even a creamy sauce and everything in between. https://www.finedininglovers.com/article/7-seafood-recipes-italian-flair Mauro Uliassi cooks spaghetti with clams, parsley and tomatoes in his version of spaghetti alle vongole, while Daniele Usai tops his Mussels, chilli and garlic spaghetti with a refreshing sorbet for a different take on a classic Italian starter. Swordfish Steaks & Sautéed Potatoes with Gremolata, Wrapped Salmon With Dijon Mustard & Mascarpone Sauce, Chargrilled Sardines With Caper & Parsley Vinaigrette, Pan-Fried Sea Bass With Cannellini Mash & Basil Sauce, Seared Tuna Steak with Courgettes and Capers, Grilled tuna steak with garlic breadcrumbs, Grilled Mackerel with Fennel Seeds and Balsamic Vinegar. With thriving ports and picturesque fishing villages dotting the coast, Italy boasts a wonderful heritage when it comes to beautiful fresh fish dishes.

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