ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTIVE: 18-06 Naloxone Protocol . Naloxone Protocol Act (Act 284) became law, making it easier for physicians and pharmacists to dispense naloxone to patients and caregivers without a prescription.7 Naloxone is a medication that will rapidly reverse an opioid overdose. Each proclamation request MUST come from an Arkansas resident. There are naloxone programs in law enforcement that can serve as best-practice examples of these programs in the U.S. One such example is the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition (NCHRC), which you can learn more about by visiting its website.. Naloxone Protocol AD 18-06– Page 1. There are many It can very quickly restore a normal breathing pattern to those overdosing.8 Access to Treatment. This includes requests from national, international, or out-of-state organizations. The Arkansas State Police recently distributed to each trooper two doses of Narcan that can be used as any trooper encounters a victim of an opioid overdose. SUPERSEDES: None . I. APPLICABILITY. The Naloxone Standing Protocol was developed pursuant to Act 284 of 2017 by Senators Cecile Bledsoe and Lance Eads and Representative Justin Boyd. Other forms of recognition for individuals are provided. FROM: Sheila Sharp, Director . APPROVED: Signature on File EFFECTIVE: March 26, 2018 . Proclamations are not issued in honor of living individuals or of organizations. TO: Arkansas Community Correction Employees .

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