You must contact your association if your unit is a security+ because you need access to the radio receiver at the gate. A hidden hardwired switch is probably a better choice, but get a pro for that too. If your community gate has a rolling code, which it almost certainly does, you'll need to follow the programming sequence in the manual for rolling codes. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! If the gates are for security, forget remote controls. No opener will program your way. If the gate is managed by a community or HOA, they have a master remote that will work in programming your car. You may have to try 5 times. I had to try 5 times. The manual only states how to program the remote to open the garage door opener. February 2019 edited February 2019. That's what I had to, he pulled out his master remote and my car paired in seconds . I had it installed by Sears too. Also, push the garage clicker button pushed in for SEVERAL MINUTES. Mere convenience, well, hire it done. The question remains why you need a remote controlled gate opener. In addition to the fixed remote code issue: I did gate automation and service work for a couple of years and found that if you have a key for one Faac … If both remotes have coding switches it is simply a matter of setting both transmitters alike. I forgot to ask the installer if he knew how to program the remote to also open a property gate for my gated community. 0. tomasrey88 . for your service or installation send an email at: for your question please put in comments There are devices that can find the code and replicate it. I just bought the Craftsman garage door opener, model 139.3043, from Sears. This is no job for an amateur. I have a garage remote Model 953CB chamberlain, it work with my gagarge door well, but I want to make it work with my community gate as well since there are 3 button on the remote.

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