If the oven is overheating, disconnect power. How To Access And Replace Electronic Oven Control EOC On A Frigidaire Gallery Slide In Range. Find the error you need help with in our database. I have heard a few times what sounded like it shorting out from the control knobs on the right side. Where can I buy the new wiring connecting to the Resistance Control Sensor? Frigidaire Gallery Range Electronic Control Board (EOC), Frigidaire Gallery Range Temperature Sensor | RTD Sensor. Getting F10 code in my gas range, replace the new sensor probe, plugged it back in, the it says 12:00 then about 2 min later it goes back to F10, so next ordering the oven control board, part number says 316455520 rev 007, ES 100/105, but why do I have to order overlay also? Double check that model number and give us the correct model number if it's not correct. If that don't fix it then order and replace the control board. Open the oven door and if you do not see two screws right beside the probe then yours is mounted on the back side of the range. The new control board does not come with the overlay, you may be able to remove the old overlay and reuse it but sometimes they tear up when you try to remove it from the old board. Check temperature sensor probe and replace if necessary. Nathalie Morin. Thank you for your assistance. How To Fix Frigidaire Range F10 Error Code. Hello,Ok so if you have replaced the temperature sensor and still get the F10 error code on your Frigidaire range model  FFGF3047LSH there is no other testing needed because we know from process of elimination that the board is the problem. If the wiring is good the main board has failed. The temperature sensor part number for model # FEB30S5DCC is Part #: 316217002. This error is normally caused by a failed RTD Sensor (Temperature Sensor). If it's not in our database submit it on our code info request page. The frigidaire stove my son has has a f10 code. Unplug the sensor from the wiring harness, and use a ohm meter to test the resistance of the sensor, it should around 1100 ohms at room temperature, if it's not close then its bad and that is causing the error. Can you provide the part number? Frigidaire Model FFE3054TSE The replacement sensor is linked below: If the sensor is good then use your meter to ohm the wiring from the sensor connection to the main control board, if the wiring is bad, fix or replace the bad wire and that will take care of the error. The control board you need to order for Frigidaire Range Model FGF36EQC  is linked below. If oven continues to overheat when the power is reapplied, replace the ERC. Just post a new question including the full model number, thanks. I ohmed the wires to the temperature sensor in the back of the harness of the circuitboard because when I pulled the temperature probe out of the oven and disconnected it, I don’t have small enough needles on my voltmeter to stick down in the holes of the temperature sensor harness connector. Click Here For Part & Ordering Information, 790.92803016 got f10 error code, checked sensor probe 1100 ohms, so replaced oven control board still get error code. If you don't see it directly on the back of the range as shown in the picture above, then take the back access panel off and look on the right side and you will see it mounted there. Getting F10 error code. If the sensor is good the board is bad. Why Do I Have To Order Overlay Also If The Control Board Is The Issue? Getting F10 error not the sensor Thanking you in advance for your assistance. If the senor checks good replace the main control. The sensor should be roughly 1100 ohms at room temperature, if not it's bad. Vince. The replacement board is linked below:. The control board for  Frigidaire range model# CFEF3048LSG can be ordered from the link below: FRIGIDARE MODEL # FFGF3049LSD Thanks. Ohm the wiring from the board to the sensor and make sure it has continuity ( a closed circuit)  if it's good check the connectors on both ends make sure it's connected good. It means the oven is going above the set temperature and is not cycling properly. Click  Here To See Part And Ordering Information For The Temperature Sensor, Click Here To See Part And Ordering Information For The Control Board. F01, good thermal fuse, and replaced control board and no power. The F10 error can also be caused a failed main control or a … There is a possibility that you can get this error code due to a power surge through the electrical power lines. Frigidaire model # FGF366EQC Control Board, Seem to need new control board for Frigidaire Range Model FES365EQB, Looking for correct part# for control board. Hi, where can I buy a new wire linking to the resistance temperature sensor? F11 You will be notified by email once your question is answered. Make sure to take a picture of the back of the board before unplugging the wiring so you know how the wires go back. So the first thing you want to do is test the temperature sensor. If this fault code appears when the oven is at room temperature, then the failure points to a … The temperature sensor is the probe you see sticking out of the back wall of the oven. It runs around 22.00 for a new one. I Google searched it and watch some YouTube videos and i pull the front off of the oven to reveal the back of the circuitboard control board. When turned on, the control pad just beeps and gives F10 error code. fill out the form and a certified appliance technician will answer your question usually within 24 hours. Temperature probe and wiring check out ok. Have a question about this error code? If it is correct then I am sorry I will not be able to help you with this issue. It means the oven is going above the set temperature and is not cycling properly. The Frigidaire Gallery Range F10 Error is a over heating fault. It's possible that your range is not heating to the temperature that you set it to, or that the control board may be reading the temperature incorrectly. If it's not in our database submit it on our code info request page. The parts for your model are linked below. Nathalie Morin. If you see F10 on your range, it means that your electronic control board has detected a runaway temperature. related to this repair will not be answered. The information on this site is intended for qualified service technicians and technically knowledgeable audience. If the oven is overheating, this can be caused by a stuck relay or contact on the oven electronic control board. Model # FEB30S5DCC It's either mounted to the back wall of … Try disconnecting the electrical power to the range by turning off the electrical … To replace the control, remove the console access panel at the back of the console.

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