My run: Failed as DRG/SAM, mobs ignored me and I kept putting weapon away. You need to ask “why do I want to kill this thing?” The answer is somewhat important. I haven't seen Refresh or Convert yet despite the /rdm. Red Mage From level 80 onwards this sub seems to frequently get the nod from many mages for 2 things, Convert and Refresh. Did not Warp once. That is actually part of the Terms of Service. There are AoE issues like Gadallar, but he uses the better spells situationally, generally matching the day's element but not always. Rewards are based on your “contribution” to the battle, but another change is that if solo you can use your Trust guys in these, generally increasing your contribution. Ninjitsu to proc MA, TP to WS and JA primarily from subs to hit JA procs. It should provide a decent mix of survivability, attack and any job specific buffs needed (MP and the like), and clearly it will vary by job/sub combo. Using. Your dancer trusts don't use Animated Flourish as a rule, rarely heal and frankly don't hit that much or hard so their tanking isn't that viable unless you are playing bard or some other buffer. That is only the critters by the way, the beastmen proc just like they do anywhere else. h. Ninjitsu. In other words, just because you have a level 113 weapon doesn't mean you are suddenly level 113, if you don't have the def to go with it a level 113 mob is just going to 1-2 shot you and laugh at your weapon, but exactly how much defensive gear will overcome that is a question I haven't seen answerred yet. My run: Cleared in 6:50 as DRG/RDM. In fact, the only reasons I could see for farming regular drops in Abyssea is to use Atma of Dread to boost Treasure Hunter, or to combine it with another activity-XP, skill, etc-or to kill time between Bastion battles. For a trial to count you must be able to get XP from your prey, if you are lagging on skill this should help so target the hardest mob you can handle and if you have to be there you might as well come away with some gil so have the inventory space to hold whatever drops. After 200 kills, Rune of Release will spawn at (I-10). Before you decide to just “saddle-up” and go beat on some Abyssea mobs you might want to think about it. It does hurt your reputation and leave you open to a /tell Flame Festival but isn’t that what your /blacklist is for? a valid. left behind. You probably aren't doing anything wrong. Taking less time to get your power back is a good thing, and remember kids, MP heals faster than HP. However, a lot of the market has died out and in other cases SE has killed the drop itself. That being said, he's not THAT durable and since he will not cast at all he's an MP sponge-not useless, but you must have healers in the party and it doesn't hurt for you to be back-up if not main healing with this guy. Other jobs, it's mostly a matter of superior weapon skills vs. x mob-you may be expected to have your empy (so far haven't seen any mention of relic weaps) weap for that skill if it's better than your meritted one. If I leave out commentary you can generally assume that not enough information has been released about the tweaks. As much as I despise leech play, those just starting out are advised to get in a party with one or more of these guys, because even though we may not remember it, before you got any of that stuff and were level 75 Abyssea was a deathtrap. The one major bottleneck, points FOR a job can only be accumulated while playing the job in question, so no speed accumulating them on BLM to spend on your drg as an example. essentially he's a DD, using melee, ranged and elemental spells, with strange WS including an AoE cure. Base damage against walls was roughly 13-18, 14-20 after inflicting Box Step level 5, with critical hits of 18-20. The question isn’t why to solo, you have your reasons, and you’ve paid your fee, that’s enough. Otherwise, never leave Aby when you are solo, you simply don't have the survivability outside in normal war play.--. Hopefully, the zone has more than one camp that will satisfy your needs, but if not you need to go elsewhere. It is recommended to remove stat-boosting armor pieces if you routinely do very high damage. OK, so now you have as many slots as you can get, what do you want to keep there? You must wager 5 Bronze or 1 Silver to play. i. Bard skills. Be very cognizant of rock outcroppings in the path, as the apkallu will ignore terrain. Failed as DRG/RDM. As of May 14, 2015, the time to activate all three switches has been raised from 3 minutes to 5. Tenzen-Sam/? Both are full. Talk to Tian Tian to make her follow you. m. Check your macros! Objective: Capture the traitor among the Qiqirn Spies. Prices fluctuate all the time based on what people are selling, what they are using, what time of the week it is (prices frequently fall on weekend due to more farmers) and sometimes for no discernable reason at all. There are 6 sub-jobs that are probably the best for any solo, at least once you've got about 10-20 levels under your belt. Qiqirn Huckster is located on the upper levels of the W, S, and E areas. I don’t do mathy stuff so I suggest you try other forums that do to see actual data, my contribution is to simply say the buffs seem to be there, just 10, 20, 30 levels higher from the results out there so far, so use that when you decide whether AF/Relic/Empy head is getting your chapters. One of his possible TP moves will Warp him to a different location on the map. Handy if you want a healer who will not screw up skillchains and the like. Ferreous Coffin-good DD for a whm, but really prioritizes the tank which can be an issue if you are playing or using trusts playing squishy jobs. Now, SE was faced with a dilema, add further growth or just let the casuals catch up and then shut the game down; they chose the 1st, and their mechanism was a 'relative level' gained from beefed gear.

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