Turn a few logs into planks, then craft them into sticks. Make sure you use your looting sword. You'll also need a diamond sword too, as well as a diamond pickaxe to mine it.) In other 1.16 versions, the loot tables are different, and it will take almost forever to get gold. First, you'll want to get into the habit of resetting for good world. Next, buy 12 lapis lazuli. 이용가능한 기기는 Windows 10 PC, Mobile, Xbox One 및 Switch 등이 있습니다. it’s actually insane, you don’t need to worry about day/night cycles or tower anymore, ... and lower the enderman grind that used to be like 8 minutes down to 2. The best choices are arrows and bows- while you can make do without either, having at least half a stack of arrows and one bow will be great. 1. The fastest speedruns use lava on or near the surface, a bucket and water to build a nether portal, but this means you will be traveling through the nether and killing several blaze with minimal equipment. Endermen spawn in strongholds because they are not well lit. Looting 1-2 will work if you're not going for WR, but if you are, it's best to reset for Looting 3. (Netherite swords work too, but are rarer due to the fact you need ancient debris, and ancient debris is quite rare, especially when you need four of them. Open wooden doors are a sign you have already been there, but use your pickaxe to remove iron doors, or else mine down the wall next to it. 4.0 Draw My Face 16. Finish exploring the fortress to get any additional loot, if desired, and head back to your portal. Blow them up by placing a block in the center of the house, placing the TNT on top of it, and then blowing it up with a button (using flint will make the villagers give worse trades- they don't realize who blew them up if you use buttons!). At last, kill yourself with the lava you placed. After you enter the nether you may want to set up a furnace to cook or smelt anything you didn't have time to before. Villages can also provide easy access to wood and cobblestone, a crafting table, and furnaces and loot if it has a blacksmith building. Don't slip on the peel 3.7 14. First, locate and enter the desert temple. This can save a lot of time, and you will not die if you are playing set seed and dig somewhere you know is hazard-free. Don't forget a blacksmith building has two lava source blocks if you happen to come across a smaller lava pool. Even if you have a diamond pickaxe, with some practice you can make a nether portal using a bucket, water and lava more quickly than mining 10 obsidian. Next, go into the nether and obtain enough blaze rods. This is also referred to as Any% RSG. Locate a large cave, and blow up iron ore veins with the TNT. If you have already managed to get an ender pearl, convert your blaze rod to blaze powder and make an eye of ender. Get any items from the furnace and portal back to the overworld. Finding a village early in your speedrun will always provide a fast source of food. While gathering blaze rods, you may want to keep them in your hotbar so you can see how many you have. That’s something to look forward to as well! Dig a quick tunnel two blocks high and 2 blocks back, look at the enderman and kill them from just inside the tunnel. It's ideal to use a triangulation calculator to minimize the number of pearls needed to find the stronghold. If you completed this process correctly, the TNT process should take about 3-5 minutes, and the trading process should take 2-4 minutes. OK so someone decided to claim this video, ive had to edit the sound a little! Mine the TNT and search the chests for a Looting book. This can cut the blaze fight from 2-4 minutes to 20-40 seconds. When they do … Leaving the nether with your blaze rods and at least one pearl will help you start traveling in the direction of the stronghold right away. Place water on the ground, pillar up to the cage, place the TNT on it, activate it and drop down into the water. Any village, including the same savannah village. Dig out a frame for the nether portal, if necessary, or pillar up 5-6 blocks and place your water source using the bucket. For experienced Minecraft players, speedruns add a new challenge and sometimes ignore or subvert established game principles, such as never digging straight down. It is good to also blow up at least 1 coal ore vein, for fuel. Once you are on the path to the stronghold, search for skeletons and endermen. You won't have any use for this, so throw it away. If so, don't forget to get nether wart before you leave the fortress. Therefore, priority should always be to kill endermen, and it's never too early to get your first ender pearl. Once they are gone, killing the dragon isn't too difficult. This strategy was shown to be extremely efficient, however it is heavily RNG dependent. If you are on good pace, you'll be out of the nether around 10 minutes, which is when nightfall starts. When he becomes a fletcher, see if he has the sticks trade (32 sticks -> 1 emerald). Thanks For everyone's Support , would love any feed back! Think about the items you will need and gather these along the way as many resources can suddenly become rare when you need them. Then you should craft the wood into sticks and trade them with fletchers, using the emeralds you get to level up a cleric villager, which has a chance to trade ender pearls. All you have to do is find an adult piglin, and interact with gold in your hand or drop gold in front of it. When playing set seed, this also makes it easier to find any specific block or generated structure you found before. This strategy is used to obtain blaze rods and pearls much faster. If you are going for WR pace, the run is dead, and you must restart. It is a good idea to also collect beds from the village, as beds decrease the time the end fight takes by an extreme amount. If you need to travel in the overworld before making your nether portal, travel east or west to increase your X coordinate. When he does, empty some more slots in your inventory. While most games have an end or definite goal, Minecraft is an open-ended game and has no specific goal or end. If you have a pearl, you can craft an eye and start going towards the stronghold. So be sure to give him some love, too:Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ryder-lippman?ref=clipboard------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Time Stamps!0:00 Intro1:34 Minecraft Speedrunning Explained4:12 The Early Game 9:39 Preparing for the Ender Dragon14:00 The Nether 16:29 Obtaining Ender Pearls20:16 Getting to the Stronghold 24:17 The End Explained26:34 The End Montage (my favorite bit)28:38 OutroWOAH you made it this far? Trade with the villager quickly by holding the shift key, and spamming the spacebar and left click. The downside is that this run can easily be ruined by monsters, bad endermen and skeleton spawns, and chest loot, and is almost impossible if you are bad at PvE combat.

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