The alternating bicep curl is the most iconic dumbbell move. Here is a dumbbell workout tailored to those who are new to using dumbbells. 1. Dumbbell Workouts for Beginners 1. This is a Great Full Body Dumbbell Workout for ANY fitness level, beginners or Advanced, for both men and Women, can be done at home or outdoors. Remember to keep your core engaged so you can maintain your balance. Start the movement by driving the elbows behind you and bringing your shoulder blades in towards each other. Why it works: This full-body maneuver challenges the quads as it takes the pressure … It is a simple and safe movement for even the most inexperienced exercisers. Do not bend at your knees as you do this. The reason you see it so frequently in the gym or on TV is because it is one of the best dumbbell exercises you can do for gaining mass in your biceps. Dumbbells can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels. The motion is up and down, not rolling. ​Hold for a second and then slowly lower yourself back down. Dumbbell Squat: 20 reps, 2 sets. In … The workout targets all of the major muscle groups and uses one exercise per muscle group. Another great dumbbell workout for beginners is the shoulder press. You also need to make sure you keep control of the dumbbells the entire time, taking care not to let momentum take over. ​A dumbbell deadlift is a good dumbbell workout for beginners who want to work up to the barbell deadlift. You can’t cheat on your weaker side. This is another move that isolates the shoulders. Workout at home and build muscle with fixed or adjustable weights and the best dumbbells, according to fitness experts. In 2018, he received his Pro Card with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) in Classic Physique. This is a versatile piece of equipment that is inexpensive and takes up a small amount of storage space. In case you’re headed home from work and you simply don’t have a craving for completing 60 minutes in length assemble wellness class, we have an appropriate response Top 10 Beginner Dumbbell Exercise Workout … Additionally, your arms shouldn’t move throughout this exercise. Lie back on the bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Without bending your elbows, raise your arms out to your side until your arms are at shoulder level. Pause momentarily, and then slowly lower your arms back to the starting position. You can use your thighs to assist if you need to. Start in an athletic stance with a dumbbell in each hand. Alternating Bicep Curl: 8 reps each side, 2 sets. You can also play with the way your toes are pointing. What are the best quality dumbbells? How: Stand … All Right Reserved. It is also a great dumbbell move for beginners … It is also a great dumbbell move for beginners since it is a simple movement. Next, bend over at the waist to grab the dumbbells in front of you with an overhand grip. Another great dumbbell workout for beginners that doesn’t need a bench is the calf raise. It will help if you engage your abs in this movement as they will prevent you from overarching your back. Everyone has to start somewhere and dumbbells are a great place to take that first step. Here is a dumbbell workout tailored to those who are new to using dumbbells. If it does, your bicep will be getting a rest, and you will be cheating yourself out of the results you want. This workout is quick, effective, and will help you burn fat and build lean muscle. If you look down, you may throw yourself off balance. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising and linking to, Warm up: 5 - 10 minutes light cardio (walking, treadmill, bike etc. It is great for working your quadriceps. Pause for a second and slowly reverse the motion. ​Hinge forward from the waist until your upper body is almost parallel with the ground. It is also a good dumbbell workout for beginners because it is a basic body weight move you are probably already familiar with, just with a little extra resistance. ), 40 seconds in between each set - Stretch in between each set. There are plenty of dumbbell exercises for female beginners who want to do more core or lower body moves. Don’t lean back or round forward. Dumbbells At Home. You don’t want to arch or round your back.

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