Species:Capsicum Chinense. Description Additional information Reviews (0) Dorset Naga. From the Naga Morich they selectively saved seeds … The Dorset Naga controversy: Joy and Michael Michaud of Sea Spring Seeds, growers on the Dorset coast of England, first introduced the Dorset Naga to the world. SKU: DN10 Category: Seeds Tags: dorset naga, dorset naga seeds. They produce better than the Red type and have less heat. The Dorset Naga was created in Dorset, England by Joy and Michael Michaud through carefully selecting only the seeds from the best overall Naga Morich plants. Comments Required. The Dorset Naga Orange has a nice fruity citrus flavor! They started with the Naga Morich, already well known to England’s Bangladeshi community. Qty: 10+ Seeds; Dorset Naga quantity. Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: ... Holmes Seed Company … Days to Harvest:100+ days # of Seeds per Packet:10+ Pepper Seeds Review Subject Required. Name Email Required. Add to cart. The Dorset Naga… Heat Level:1,000,000 – 1,500,000+ Scoville Heat Units. SKU: 5329. Rating Required. Quantity: 10+ Seeds… Free Shipping on orders over $25. Origin:Bangladesh. All seeds are Non GMO and come from healthy plants. The Dorset Naga was created using the best of the best of the Naga Morich crop. Type:Super Hot. 10+ Seeds from a Dorset Naga pepper . California Seed and Garden Company … Dorset Naga. Fun fact: The Dorset Naga is technicallya subspecies, originating from the Naga Morich, but is becoming recognized more and more as a separate variety.

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