Use a neutral color for a clean, crisp look or add a pop of color by using brightly colored yarn. A simple way to add texture to your furniture is by making it two-toned. Then, nail them to the wall at angles. Making the space comfortable and organized is important. If you are looking for an elegant idea for bedroom or living room floor decor, this handpainted rug project just may be what you’ve been dreaming of. Go to your local craft store and find a stencil that you like and a bright color. Create a unique place to store your clothes by restoring an old dresser. Whether you are looking for decorating ideas to update your master bedroom, creative teen room decor ideas , DIY beds for the guest room or ways to decorate an apartment bedroom with small spaces, you are sure to find more than a few ideas in this list, since we have our 75 favorite DIY projects for your room all in one place. All you need are some string lights and rope to decorate your bedroom with inexpensive lighting like this. Add a creative element to your bedroom by lining your drawers with fun wallpaper. No way! This creative DIY wall art idea would look super over the bed or corner reading nook, especially when you are going for a more creative or modern decor project. Include a quote or keep it simple and let the patterns take the spotlight. Once you have our printables downloaded, browse our other DIY bedroom decor ideas so see what would compliment them in your room. Print them out and create a heart photo wall with them. Even if you love the look of all white decor and bedding, this bench is sure to add a much needed pop of color to your room. Lately, Target, Walmart and other big chain stores have started selling replicas of some of our Pinterest favorites. Add a twist by replacing the original legs for hairpin ones. Cute DIY room decor does not have to be complicated or expensive. Turn a boring bedroom into something a little more interesting when you add a colorful DIY bench to the foot of the bed. Stencil the bright design on a white background so it really stands out. Find a plastic terrarium at your go-to craft store and fill it with a variety of air plants. When it comes to our favorite DIY teen… Tie the moon shapes together with twine for a more earthy feel. DIY bed frames are not nearly as tricky or time consuming as I thought, either. A quick and easy way to add a statement piece to a room is by creating a stenciled sign. DIY rugs can be such a fun statement to add to any room, especially the bedroom. Turn a plain bench ito a furry chair byt following this easy step by step tutorial. One of my absolute favorite dollar store crafts, this one looks anything but cheap. If you are looking for inexpensive bedroom or  DIY living room decor that does not take hours to make, be sure to try this pretty mirror. Cute for dorm room decor, a teen girl or boys room, this versatile handmade rug can pretty much suit anyone’s bedroom decor designs. Find an item, like a nightstand, and paint half of it in a contrasting color. Give your room a homey feel by adding a crochet accent pillow to your bed or chaise. Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018. Complete with easy step by step tutorials for each, you can be assured that what you see is what you get. Want your bedroom to feel like a beachside vacation? Create depth by making it two-toned. A delicate touch, this pillow will leave the space feeling cozy. Get creative with the plant presentation in your room. Fun DIY bedroom decor should start with pom poms and pillows, why not have both when you make this pillow for a chair or bed. Showcase all your beautiful clothes with a hanging closet. This pom pom pillow certainly does that, and it is fun to make, too. Simply choose a pattern you like and cut it to fit the bottom of your dresser drawers. This one just makes me happy, so I keep it around all the time. Learn how to make your own with the easy to follow step by step tutorial. You can also try displaying jewelry such as earrings on this banner as well. Transform your bedroom into your dream space with these 24 DIY bedroom decor ideas. Decorating it in a way that matches your style will make you feel more at home. For a cool arts and crafts idea that you can showcase, this DIY bedroom rug project tutorial is amazing. We’ve created printables that you can download and frame to use as bedroom decor. An easy way to add a unique touch to your room is through the art you add to your walls. Add a rustic touch to your bedroom with wood and metal wall decor. Make one or more this weekend and get your room looking the way it should, amazing. Try a natural tone combined with a brighter color that will really stand out. This simple trick will give your room a chic touch. DIY pillows are an easy way to update room decor when you don’t want to or can’t afford to redo everything. It’s a room where you are able to rest and rejuvenate. DIY poufs and ottomans have become so popular lately, and when you add a few bedroom decor ideas like this one, you will see why. This DIY bedroom decor idea comes with step by step instructions, so what you see is what you get. Remember to hit subscribe to help us provide the finest videos ! Accent the fake wood with knobs that are a blue hue to keep with the beach theme. Creative and can be made in the flower color of your choice so it accents the colors of your room perfectly, the supplies can be picked up for a few bucks at the dollar store. I love most all DIY ideas with string lights, but right now this is my favorite DIY lighting idea for bedroom. Learn how to make things that cost hundreds of dollars in stores, ones that actually look better when you DIY them. When it comes to decorating ideas for teen rooms or DIY dorm room decor ideas, this cute flower framed mirror should be at the top of your must make next list. Then, customize the piece by adding metal letters spelling out an uplifting phrase. A fun twist to a terrarium, these DIY hanging plants are cute and easy to make. Perfect for adults or any teen girl or boy room, we love this look because it is polished without being overly fancy. This will add color to the space and make them easier to clean out. Also a cool teen craft idea or DIY dorm room decor idea. Complete with easy to follow step by step tutorials, these DIY bedroom ideas can be yours for a fraction of the cost. To add an instant creative statement to your bedroom, add color and art to the walls. This simple homemade bedroom decoration idea has a very professional and polished look to it. © 1999–2020 Add a DIY vanity tray underneath, and you will be surrounded by creativity. The easiest way to quickly change the design of a bedroom is with accent pillows. Simple blocks of muted colors with a cool Aztec pattern inspired by West Elm, but cheaper because you get to make it yourself. Create your own pillow by choosing a fabric design or photo you want to be highlighted. This quick DIY bedroom idea is a good fit for teen and adult rooms alike. Add some creative DIY lighting for the bedroom with this project. Try creating a terrarium out of an old toy truck. Fuzzy, inviting shag rugs like this one are my favorite when it comes to choosing a soft rug to step onto when you get out of bed. Make it stand out with a unique bedspread. Even small bedrooms can appear larger if you have a unified theme and strategic placement of your decor. A cute idea when you are looking for DIY room decor for teen girls, modern decor and things to go with your boho style furnishings. Choose a color scheme for the flowers that match the space. Learn how to make this DIY ottoman and craft a pouf that is super comfy. To take your bedroom to the next level, begin with a specific theme in mind. Perfect in any bedroom, from master bedroom to guest, this cute duvet is a fun kids room decor idea if you can keep it clean When I was looking for DIY ideas for bedroom decor that were not too overwhelming, the simplicity of this creative bedding idea really caught my eye.

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