How much CO 2 from air is captured in the solution? CO2 +H2O —-> H2CO3 Carbonic acid (H2CO3) is an acid and reacts with base NaOH and forms Na2CO3. By using an indicator such as phenolphthalein, you can determine when all of the carbon dioxide in the water has been consumed. Place about 125 cm 3 of water in a 250 cm 3 conical flask. Activity 2. How does the pH change when the solution is in contact with air for a long time? Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) - Is usually dispensed as semi spherical pellets. CO2 (g) + 2NaOH(aq) → Na2CO3(aq) + H2O(l) 1 mol of CO2 will react with 2 mol NaOH to produce 1 mol Na2CO3 . Continue adding the carbon dioxide until a colour change is observed. The carbon dioxide in the solution will react with the sodium hydroxide to form sodium bicarbonate. Experimental data are reported on the simultaneous absorption of H2S and CO2 from steam, using NaOH solutions of varying strength. Is a caustic substance and skin contact should be avoided. Add just enough sodium hydroxide solution (about two or three drops) to produce a blue colour. Due to the long-term contact with air the solution will be in equilibrium with CO 2 (g). H2O + CO2 + NaOH --> NaHCO3 + H2O CO2 is an acid anydrite and NaOH is a base. pH before and after CO 2 Contact. Given is a 20 mM NaOH solution. The reaction between solid sodium hydroxide and gaseous carbon dioxide can be used to remove excess carbon dioxide from the exhaled breath so as to permit the exhaled breath to be recycled in sealed spaces such as submarines. Is hydroscopic (ie will absorb water from the air when exposed). 1. In numbers : If you bubble and mix 1 mol of CO2 - that is 44g CO2 - into a solution of NaOH containing 2 mol NaOH - that is 2*40 = 80g NaOH you will produce 1 mol of Na2CO3 - that is 106g Na2CO3. The carbon dioxide first reacts with the water to form dihydrogen carbonate (H2CO3), which then disassociates to form the aqueous hydrogen and hydrogen carbonate ions. Add one or two drops of phenol red to the water. molar mass of Na2CO3 -106. g . molar mass of CO2=44.01g . NaOH Solution in Contact with CO2. So CO2 gas dissolved in water goes on consuming by reacting with NaOH, and more CO2 … Talk or blow gently into the flask – ie add the carbon dioxide. In order to determine carbon dioxide levels in a solution, you can titrate it with sodium hydroxide. molar mass of NaOH=40.0g . So reaction gives the salt Na2CO3 and water Another posible product is the salt Na2CO3 that is prodused if a 1:2 ratio of CO2 and NaOH is used nicespringgirl Posts: 1,237, Reputation: 187.

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