The Pentecostal denomination is named after the Jewish festival of the feast of Pentecost, which happened fifty days after Jesus Christ ascended into Heaven. Pentecostals emphasize the supernatural element of the key event that took place according to the Bible. Pentecostals sing hymns and pray loudly, they also believe in spirit language. For many members of the Pentecostal movement, the Holy Spirit is actually a powerful entity that inhabits them if they pray hard enough. Baptist is a member of protestant christian group, who shares the basic beliefs of all protestants but who insist that immersion is the only way to get baptized and not by sprinkling or pouring water.
Baptist and Pentecostal are different groups of Christianity. Religion is a belief in nature or god, it is a socio- cultural practice which maintains a person’s views, deeds, behaviour, spirituality, morality, etc.. Pentecostal beliefs a person can lose salvation if faith is not kept consistently. the Pentecostals have a tendency to believe more in the Spirit and Baptism of Holy Spirit whereas Baptists do not lean towards such a thing It is named after jewish festival of feast “pentecost” which happened after fifty days of the death of Jesus Christ entering heaven. Thanks to the praying, the Holy Spirit comes down to the congregation and he speaks in unknown tongues. This practice is known as credopaptism, and is opposed to infant baptism that is common, for example, among Catholics, where a child is baptized if at least one parent professes the belief. Some major religions that are followed across world are : christianilty, islam, hinduism, sikhism, judaism, jainism, zoraostrianism,etc.. A distinguishing feature of the Pentecostal movement is speaking in tongues. The ultimate goal of every religion is to make the soul pure, so that it can enter heaven. Both of them preach to be a good human being but their values are somewhat different. Baptists do not allow women to become pastors while pentecostals let women to be pastors. They are also against watching television and listening to music. Pentecostals believe that this language was spoken on the day of Pentecost, and it conveys spiritual messages sent by the Holy Spirit. We write on the topics: Marketing, Business, English, Banking, Finance,Computers, Science, Law and Education“. Baptist believes that faith has been saved forever, once someone received Jesus Christ as savior. It is believed that followers of pentecostal movement are waiting for the resurrection of Jesus. Baptist sings hymns and prays quietly on the other hand pentecostal sings and prays loudly. Baptist and pentecostal are different groups within protestantism. Baptists and pentecostals are adherents of Jesus christ. What is the difference between Baptist and Pentecostal? Difference Between Preview and Review (With Table), Difference Between Overlapping and Cross-Cutting Social Differences (With Table), Difference Between Communism and Socialism (With Table), “The purpose of Ask Any Difference is to help people know the difference between the two terms of interest. That is, the whole body of a baptized person should be under the water while in the process of baptism, as opposed to baptism by only pouring or sprinkling a small quantity of water over the head. Every religion has its own values, ways, rituals, views, etc.. According to baptists access to god is possible through religious authority while pentecostal beliefs that there direct connection of disciple and god. As per bible there is no evidence of two classes. According to baptist their major distinctive beliefs are :-. Baptism also believes in the practice of “credobaptism”, according to which baptism can only be performed by adults. Pentecostals believe in language on contrary baptists do not believe in tongue. Members of both communities assemble on the first day of the week for church service and prayer. There are, however, some differences between the two denominations and we will explore them in the following article. The founder of  Baptism was the British pastor John Smyth, known for his reforming views. For example, dispensationalism and covenantalism might be in alignment or in opposition. If someone is praying, then they are being saved by Jesus Christ, till their death and beyond. Baptist sings hymns and prays quietly on the other hand pentecostal sings and prays loudly. There is a strict belief that church should be composed of core believers of christ. When it comes to religion in Southeast Kentucky, the two most common are Baptist and Pentecostal. In christanity there are mainly five divisions: The church of the east, oriental orthodoxy, eastern orthodoxy, Roman catholicism, and protestantism. Pentecostals believe in language on contrary baptists do not believe in tongue.

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