aluminium + hydrochloric acid = aluminium chloride + hydrogen 2Al + 6HCl = 2AlCl3 + 3H2 Remember that the numbers at the end of the formulae must be subscripts. As aluminium has three electrons in its outer shell, the reaction requires a ratio of two aluminium molecules to six hydrochloric acid molecules. This is because each chlorine atom in the hydrochloric acid acquires an electron from the aluminium and loses a hydrogen atom. (b) Dilute hydrochloric acid reacts with magnesium ribbon. Word Equation? Answer Save. Favorite Answer. The equation is: Zinc + Hydrochloric Acid(Dilute)→ Zinc Chloride + Hydrogen gas The reaction between aluminium and hydrochloric acid. Relevance. what is the word equation for hydrochloric acid plus aluminium hydroxide? 1 mole of aluminium chloride was formed, what mass of aluminium hydroxide was formed? Chemistry Stoichiometry Stoichiometry. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME The Works is 15-20% hydrochloric acid so it creates a stinky smell. 1 Answer Nathan L. Jul 9, 2017 #80# #"g Al(OH)"_3# (one sig fig) Explanation: I'll assume you mean … (d) Dilute hydrochloric acid reacts with iron filings. Click hereto get an answer to your question ️ Write word equations and then balanced equations for the reaction taking place when:(a) Dilute sulphuric acid reacts with zinc granules. b. Aluminum carbonate and hydrochloric acid react in the following reactions. 1 decade ago. (c) Dilute sulphuric acid reacts with aluminium powder. What is the theoretical yield? When aluminum is placed in a beaker of hydrochloric acid, the reaction produces hydrogen gas and aqueous aluminum chloride. Anonymous. Compound Molar Mass (g/mol) HCl 36.4611 Al2 (CO3)3 233.9903 H2O 18.0153 CO2 44.0096 AlCl3 133.3411 a. HCl (aq) + Al2 (CO3)3 (s) --> H2O (l) + CO2 (g) + AlCl3 (aq) 5.00 g of HCl and 15.00 g of Al2(CO3)3 react together. Hydrochloric Acid and Aluminum Foil Reaction Al and the HCL react with each other to create heat and gas. Pure hydrochloric acid doesn't have a smell. What is the limiting reagent? 1 Answer. The balanced chemical equation for the reaction is 2Al(s) + 6HCl(aq) = 2AlCl3(aq) + 3H2(g). The balanced equation shows the reaction between aluminium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid to form aluminium chloride and water: Al(OH)3 + 3HCl = AlCl3 + 3H2O. This experiment can be done safely, but safety goggles should always be worn when working with corrosive acids. i have a science assesment and my topic is hydrochloric acid plus aluminium hydroxide so if anyone could help me out or if you could give me a website to look at and i also need a word equation for it....thanks . Cool Facts The Works gives the liquid

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