Only one woofer is needed in my car, which I have in an enclosed alpine … Literally! $399.99. Alpine SWA-10S4 10" Subwoofer Power Handling CEA-2031 Power … An Amp the Grows with You Thanks to the unique staggered power channel layout, the R-A90S can host different levels of power on each channel, compared to traditional, multi-channel amplifiers. Alpine's X-Series X-A90M subwoofer amplifier will sharpen the focus of your music's bass image — it'll sound like the bass and kick drum are playing inside your car. Next. I have a 500 watt amplifier that I run at about 80 percent power and the subwoofer is barely putting in work and sounds absolutely amazing. Alpine R-A75M R-Series Monoblock Subwoofer Amplifier - 750 Watts Rms Power with 0 Gauge Amplifier Kit 4.4 out of 5 stars 78. Alpine engineering on this R-Series is definitely built to last. This powerful Class D member of Alpine's V12 amplifier series delivers 700 watts of bass-bumping power to a 4-ohm load (1000 watts at 2 ohms) — an outstanding way to get the shake on with a multi-sub … Alpine's MRD-M1005 amplifier is a monster mono machine, ready to deliver the big watts to your subs. This mono amp puts out up to 900 watts RMS of sub-pounding power, making it a perfect match for an Alpine X-Series 10" or 12" subwoofer. The R-A90S is matched in power and performance for the Dual 10-inch Alpine Halo S-Series Preloaded Subwoofer Enclosures with ProLink™. Only 12 left in stock - order soon. Top trending products … This package contains an Alpine SWA-10S4 10" Single 4-Ohm Subwoofer, a DUB 200 Watt RMS Two-Channel Amplifier, and wiring kit. Big bang for your buck.

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