It was also exciting to see some of the high-tech equipment on display. He hopes that education and continuous community engagement will show landowners the benefits of having wetlands and grass-owls on their properties and in this way ensure everyone works together to protect not only the owls, but other wildlife too, especially in the Highveld areas. Watch this space for updates on the tagged female, new captures, and some nest observations…. We often counter this by leading double lives, blending in with society as best we can during the daylight hours. African grass owls use a clicking call to communicate with each other. However, our camouflage is only effective to the untrained eye, and there are certain symptoms common to owlers that are a dead giveaway to our identity. My supervisor and I arrived back at the airport in Sao Paulo as crash-course sightseers of Rio de Janeiro, cameras still flashing away like Japanese tourists in a disco. Photo Gallery (2 pictures) Information. The little town of Campos do Jordao, tucked away in the mountains of Sao Paulo State, was to play host to the 25th International Ornithological Congress (IOC). Re-fuelling on pizza squares enabled a lot of determined birders to get a few more special ticks in the afternoon, bunking a few talks in the knowledge that they tended to get gradually less-interesting as the day wore on. Other major threats are draining/degradation of wetlands, development, and invasive plants, as in the case with areas like Kyalami, Midrand in Gauteng, where there is a small population. The entire upperparts from the crown to the lower back and wing-coverts are a uniform sooty blackish-brown, with scattered small white spots and greyish flecks. According to one study, both the African Grass Owl and the Barn Owl show pronounced sexual dimorphism (meaning a difference between the sexes) with the females being significantly larger than males! Copyrights 2018 Safari News. They found that these owls hold very small territories, with average home ranges of around 420ha, and depend heavily on fairly pristine habitat. If you display these symptoms after indulging in the world of owls then you will probably also have more pleasant side-effect in the form of a constant silly grin on your face. I’m sure that my words had an air of desperation to them, because as far as I’m concerned this was do-or-die time. The Task Force looks to identify and focus conservation efforts for this species, and results of workshops held in 2008 and 2009 concluded that the spatial ecology of the African Grass-owl is poorly understood, largely due to the cryptic nature and scarcity of this red data species. Success finally came with the capture of the female on the 20th of March. Photos: Yellow thatch grass (Hyperthelia dissoluta) has been a problem in the Waterberg region of Limpopo…, A contemporary take on flamingo fashion from Africa  Admore flamingo sculpture Post-WWII society was obsessed…, Portuguese barnacle fisherman, turned professional beachcomber, turned environmental activist, Ricardo Ramos spent a month in…. I can report that the female is back on the nest and is being fed diligently by her mate. “We don’t know anything about the dispersal patterns and survival of the chicks yet, or the age at which they start breeding. Our final option was to bank on their breeding instinct and hope that it was stronger than the danger signals picked up by their senses. For years the African grass-owl (Tyto capensis) has flown below the radar of conservationists and researchers. The various birds of prey on offer in these forests were very elusive, but by the end of my trip I managed to see Southern Caracara, Roadside Hawk, Short-tailed Hawk, Laughing Falcon as well as the ever-present Black Vulture. 2: The number of ground-nesting owls in South Africa: the African grass-owl (Tyto capensis) and the marsh owl (Asio capensis), which often shares its habitat with the African grass-owl. Kwek-Kwek My Lovable Grass Owl Knows How to Whistle - YouTube I had found the nest the week before during a survey of a drainage line in Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve. It turned out that we experienced almost no traditional brazilian culture in Campos do Jordao, which is comprised entirely of shops and restaurants of old european architecture selling swiss chocolate, french wine and german beer. It was on just such an afternoon, bunking yet another talk about forest fragmentation by another barely english-speaking brazilian student, that I met some other brazilian students who were very friendly and also slightly better at speaking english. African grass owl has Burrow type of nest which is build by Both. Check out more info about the African Grass-owl. The friendly brazilians told me that this was a ‘lifer’ for all of them too, and that the owl is a very difficult local endemic and therefore a ‘mega-tick’ for the Atlantic Forest. From this, they have learned chicks fledge when they are between seven and eight weeks old, and remain on their patches for several weeks before dispersing for good. It was this face-to-face contact with experienced and respected people that I enjoyed most about the conference. As you progress as an owler and develop into your new unusual extra-curricular activity people will start to think you more than slightly strange. You are provided with more African grass owl facts like their scientific classification, sound, habitat, lifespan, breeding pattern, young ones and also about their nesting habits. “We know this will work and give us some valuable information in the long run, and have resighted three chicks so far, one of them in February,” explains Rachuene. it also destroys the small isolated pockets of habitat that are still intact. I wonder what they would make of our continent and what we have to offer from a birding perspective, and should one day like to take them out a couple nights in search of some of our silent hunters. It was already dark when we decided to head back to sample some more non-brazilian cuisine.

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